The Insider's Guide to Best Blogging Tools

Blogging Tools are most essential part of a Bloggers life like as we can’t live without air just like this a blogger can’t live without best blogging tools.

So a few days ago when I was writing one of my posts with the help of lots of best blogging tools then I thought that my readers or newbie bloggers should also be aware of these tools for blogging.

And trust me these are the best tools for your blog, and they will make your life much easier.

As we all know there are lots of tools available on the internet nowadays but frankly speaking only a few of them are useful, and most of them are harmful to your blog. 

So I have done research on blogging tools and made a list of best blogging tools which you should you right now.

So let’s directly come to our list of best blogging tools 

1: - BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the best tools for your blog which I use daily, or I can say lots of time in a day because it lets us find the trending topics under every niche we want. When you are blank or can’t think about your next blog post then just open up Buzzsumo. Search for your niche like blogging, food, travels, etc., and it will show you a well-managed list, contains the blog posts which are matching to your nice or your keywords and which got maximum shares on social media. So we can say this is one of the best social media tools for bloggers.


So with buzzsumo you can get lots of new post ideas and can also see which blog post is getting highest shares and then read that post and implement that post’s active points on your post.

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As we all know how much SEO is important in a blogger’s life and every newbie blogger gets depressed by the term SEO because there is a horror mindset of every newbie blogger about SEO. We all have to write SEO friendly blog post to rank it higher on search engines. That’s why everyone is keep searching for best SEO tools for blogger, but they don’t get what they want.


But then Yoast SEO comes in the life of a newbie blogger just like mine, and they see hope in their blogging life because Yoast SEO is an excellent wordpress plugin to understand SEO of your blog post.

We just have to install this plugin and then whenever we write any blog post it will suggest us to do some changes in our content to make it perfectly SEO friendly blog post.

Yoast SEO will insanely improve your On-page SEO which will rank your blog instantly. It takes care of everything like the title of your post, URL of your post, Meta tags, etc.

You can read this official Yost SEO tutorial which will make it easier to understand this tool and I also want to share a video with you created by WPBeginner; it will teach you every step to install this plugin.

3: - Quora

As we all know helping others is the only way to gain some respect and trust among people and it is only possible with communication, without communications, we can’t get exposure and can’t get success. The first step towards success is communication.


The people who are having some doubts or problems and if we know the solution then we should help them out instantly. Most of the newbie bloggers have lots of questions related to their blogging life, but they don’t have someone who can help them out, so here comes the Quora which gives some hope to newbie bloggers.

Here people post or ask their questions and the person who knows the solution to their problem posts the answer to help them and if someone likes his answer then they check out his profile and direclty goes his Blog.

If you have any post regarding any issue, then you should post the link to your post, and from here you can gain massive traffic on your blog. Just join as many communications as you can.

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4: - Portant

Have you heard about Portant before?

I’m damn sure while writing any post you must think lots of time about the headline of your post because headlines are the most important part of your post. If your post has an excellent attractive headline, then your blog post will get impressive hits. But it’s hard to think the interesting headlines.
 Here comes the Portant Title Maker,


Portant title maker is the best tool I have ever seen to grab an attractive title of my post. So it must have top place in the list of best free tools for bloggers.

It’s simple and very fast. We just have to put the keyword in the given box, and then it will suggest you dramatic headlines. If you don’t like the title then just tap on the refresh icon, it will generate the next title. So from this refresh icon you check out so many title ideas.

Personal Advice – Just check it out now and I’m sure it will never let you down. It looks like a game. I enjoy this too :D

5: - HubSpot’s Topic Generator



Just like Portant Title maker, HubSpot also offers you an awesome tool to get some excellent attractive titles for your blog post. We just have to put the keywords and phrases in the box, and then it will show you five headlines. You can pick any of them, or you can redo the search. 

6: - Trello

Have you ever tried Trello?


If No then just go now and sign up, because of it the very first step of every serious blogger. It helps us to schedule out posts, and you can add your all post ideas into trello. You can work as a team in it, and you can create a task or project and then can add team members to it and then you all can work together like professional. 

Trello also offers you to create an editorial calendar which will make your time management more efficient, and you can enjoy your personal life with blogging life awesomely . So this is also one of the best blogger tools.

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Have you ever worked in a team while writing any of your posts?


If not then it’s time to work as a professional with Google docs, it is simply like a notepad o we can say Microsoft word, but the excellent thing in this is that it works online and we have the option to share this doc with anyone we want.

We just have to send this share link to the person we want to work with and then he or she can see our doc or work, and he/she can also write on it with us simultaneously. So we must add this to our list of Blogging tools

8: - Keyword Research tools

Every blogger's search’s for keywords before writing the post, but the thing is there are lots of keyword planner tools for bloggers available on the internet but only a few of them are working finely.

Paid versions work more awesomely than free versions, but everyone can buy the paid version that’s why we need to find out some free keyword planner tools so that everyone can use it without spending a single penny. If you don't know how to do keyword research then you should check out this guide - How to do keyword research like pro.

Two two best keyword planner tools which everyone is using right now is-

2.    Long Tail Pro


These two keyword planners are working fantastic, and these are sufficient if you want to rank your post on Google. I use only best SEO tools for blogger and in my list of online SEO tools these two tools have the top place.

I’m sure you have used them once in your life but if not then check them out now.

One extra keyword planner tool I want to share with you which also works great is–

9: - Grammarly

Grammar is mostly the reason behind your unsuccessful blog. If someone is reading your post and he faces so many problems in reading your content due to grammar mistakes, then they will instantly close your blog.


So we have to write efficiently and professionally and to do so we have an excellent tool named as Grammarly. It also has a free version or trial version but if you want the best version of your content then go for the premium one.

We just have to copy and paste our article on Grammarly app, and it will check out our full article and suggests us all the mistakes with the solution. We can instantly correct these errors by clicking on the mistakes.    

10: - High-Quality Photos for your Blog

Yeah, Photos are the only reason behind your blog's first impression because as we all know everyone judges the book by its cover.

So we must have to use high-quality images on our blog posts. There is so many websites available on the internet who offers us stock photos, but only a few of them distributes free of cost with really high quality.

Some of the tools or sites I use to get free stock photos for my blog are –

These sites offer us lots of good-quality images under creative commons public domain license means everybody can use them for their personal use or any other use.

11: - Email Marketing

Emails are the reason behind every successful blogger. Every successful blogger has their subscribers email list, and they send daily emails to them or us whenever they upload any new post. And from these emails, they got much traffic. 

They don’t personally send these emails to each and every one in their list because this is very difficult job to send these emails again and again. So they use tools to send automatic emails to the huge list in one click.

Almost all of these best social media tools for bloggers needs money, but we also have some free ones.

I use these once and also suggest you use these-


Just go to these sites and create a free account and start making your email list.

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12: - Check Readability of your post

You have to write your post very smoothly and efficiently so that everyone can scan it and it also improves you posts SEO juice, so this is one of the best online SEO tools. You have to check out the readability of your content and to do so you can use this free tool,


The Readability Test Tool, just go and paste your content there and check out readability. If its low then edit it as this tool suggest you edit otherwise just continue to publish it 

13: - Canva

As I already said, that images are the biggest part of your blog. If you use beautiful images in your post, then they will surely attract people to read your content.


So always edit your images before using them in your post. You should add some text on it like your post title and some borders etc.

I use Canva to edit all of my blog images, and I strongly recommend you to use canva. I promote my all blog posts on social media with an outstanding attractive image made with canva. So we can put this tool in our list of best social media tools for bloggers. You can use it freely if you don’t want professional editing but if you want professional editing, then you should go for a premium version. 

But I use free one because it lets me do everything which I need to edit my photos and yes this tool helps me to market my blog on social media effectively

14: - Promote your post

Once you have published your blog post you need to promote your post with the world and let them know that you have posted a new one 


So we have so many ways to promote your blog post both freely and paid ways, but I use free once because they are sufficient for me. 

I use social media and social bookmarking sites to promote my new blog post. Some of them are below-

These are also the best social media tools for bloggers which you all must try once.
If you wan to read more about blog post promotion then read my blog post promotion strategy: secret revealed [Infographic].


Linkio- Linkio is an exquisite SEO tool made to help you manage your link building campaigns simpler and smarter.

Best Blogging Tools

Linkio’s AI uses predictive analytics to guide your anchor text strategy. With the algorithm’s help, you get fewer interruptions, happier, more productive employees and better results.

It has the adored flexibility of a spreadsheet with sophistication that removes tedious reporting, human error, and slow decision-making.

It’s easy to make Linkio your own: custom columns, campaign templates, link types, sources and more.

Plus, if you’re worried about saying goodbye to your trusted spreadsheet, don’t be. Linkio integrates with Google Sheets so you can make useful and creative 2-way exports based on your team’s needs.

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That’s all for today.

So now that you have the list of best free tools for bloggers, just go and check them out. Trust me they all will help you and never let you down.

I’ll add some more tools whenever I find new blogging tools or whenever I find new best blogging tools. So stay connected to me, Just Subscribe and become our family member, Lots of people are waiting for your here.

So if you liked this post, then please don’t forget to share this post on your social media,

And yeah let me know if I have missed any of the best tools for your blog in comments and yeah tell me which blogging tools you use for your blogging life.

 I’m waiting for you in the comments and in my family also  <3

Always Remember Sharing is Caring <3


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