10 amazing tips to market your blog on social media

How to market your blog on Social Media is the question which every newbie blogger wants to know.


When you start to build your own blog, you mainly focus your energies on producing the most engaging pieces of content possible that are in your niche. You research and preserve to settle down on topic ideas and sever these ideas to create the most enticing set of headlines. You pay for hosting services and building your own website (if you don’t already have one). After months of hard work, your blog is now looking in great shape, just like you wanted it to be.

But who will read it? How can you make people and traffic come to your blog to great swathes? How can you turn the incoming traffic into a loyal readership base? There is a void between your blog and the traffic which needs to come visit it. A bridge is required to close the gap and the most useful of tools in this regard is Social Media, the most robust connectivity platform and that's why we need to understand these tips to market your blog on social media. First of all to market your blog on social media you must have to write attention grabbing headlines for your blog posts.

Your blog will feel alienated until people come and start reading. The best strategy in this regard is to leverage your blog on the power and outreach of social media. A high number of marketers today indulge in social media to market their blogs and other services but are they harnessing it correctly?
Facebook has more than 1 billion active monthly users, others continue to follow suit by raking in similar figures. If done correctly, social media can transform your blog’s popularity. 

Here are 10 amazing ways to market your blog on the social media platform:

Build your personal brand:


One of the most powerful ways to promote your blog on social media is to first carve out a following for yourself. People trust people more and in a much quicker manner than blogs or websites. It gets a whole lot easier to market your blog once you have a loyal following of your own. Make an effort to drive traffic to your social media handles by staying active and continuously sharing engaging material, mainly other blogs to get people to follow you.

Test different methods:

The best way to gauge as to what piques the interest of individuals on social media is to check it out yourself. Have different versions of the same article and share them equally on social media and then continue this round of testing for a good number of items for at least a month. A/B testing is the method employed effectively by website development companies for optimized websites designs. You can also benefit from it. Every article and every writer are different, find it out yourself on what features can you generate maximum interest on a consistent basis.

Diversify your exposure:


Don’t limit yourself to just the more popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, they are definitely crucial in your social media marketing strategy mix, but increase your outreach by promoting your content on different social media sites like LinkedIn. LinkedIn might have a far-reaching feel to it, and maybe your content is not related to the corporate industry but never understate the fact that people do come there and they too are humans. A unique article amidst content of the same category is bound to get heightened attention.

Employ Unconventionality:


While social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram might not feel relevant to the prospect of marketing your blog, they continue to generate high levels of engagement patterns. Market your blog on these photo and video-centric sites by building images that have your titles and carry redirect links in the hashtags below, allowing you to gain a previously untapped segment and convert it into traffic for your blog.

Time Matters:


The relevancy of time, when sharing content on social media platforms, is one of the most understated and ignored factors weighing in the popularity of your articles and content. The most successful blogs out there have learned how to leverage the power of time in their favor by creating content that captures the mood of the season. Devise a timeframe when particular occasions are approaching and continuously post content on your social media sites like when the Christmas season approaches, start writing articles carrying Christmas savings, decorations, DIYs and health on your blog.

Open up communications:


The highest form of communication is person to person, and this takes a lot of weight even in marketing your blog. Ask questions, post queries and initiate contests on your social media site to continue engagement patterns brimming. The more people get engaged to your social media handles, the more likely they are to be converted into loyal traffic for your blog.

Promote your content on interest groups:


Social media allows people of similar interests to form their own groups and share and speak on matters related to that domain only. This provides an excellent opportunity to promote your blog in a much more efficient manner as you can find groups on different sites that are likely to match the areas you carry an expertise in, improving your chances of finding a loyal audience much faster than other conventional means.

Focus on the Visual Aspect of your Articles:


Yes, the title of the article needs to be highly engaging, but the picture or visual aspect of it carries much higher value than the title itself. Many people are likely to be turned off if your article doesn’t have a great picture or image. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have shown positive indications that content with engaging images gets more clicks than those without them.

Develop Relationships with other Bloggers:


Every blogger has his/her own dedicated audience, and it would be great if the traffic from there could be diverted to your blog and from your end to their blogs. For this to happen, you need to reach out to other bloggers on social media by sharing their articles on your social media handles but don’t forget to provide links on their names to make them see that you shared their pieces.

This, in turn, makes other bloggers highly likely to reciprocate the gesture by sharing your content as well, increasing the total outreach you currently have. Another great idea would be to personally approach other bloggers to write guest posts for your blog so that when they share the articles on their social media, you can get a high amount of traffic on your blog.

YouTube your Content:


Some highly prominent websites have garnered a significant amount of traffic by turning their content into YouTube Videos, and it works even better if your articles are list based so that you can share your Top 10 lists and how-to hacks in the form of YouTube videos. The traffic on YouTube is immense and is one of the most under-used platforms for marketing by bloggers. Use it to your advantage and tap into the amazing results from the increase in the flow of traffic to your blog.

That's all :)

So now you have successfully learned some tips to market your blog on social media but still if you have any doubts then please let me know in comments. It will be my honor to help you out.

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