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Hey Guys wassup....!!

So finally you have decide to move a step ahead with us...!!!

Thanks for your interest in writing for LetsTrick!  It's really our honor to have you on my Blog J

We accept guest posts about blogging, SEO, link building, social media,Wordpress,hacks, and other useful tips and tricks..!!

So let’s directly come to the point –

If you want to submit a guest post on LetsTrick then please email us at myletstrick@gmail.com,
Your email should contain your blog link and the topics on which you want to write about.

Then we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Before submitting your guest post please read the bellow given guidelines carefully.

Guidelines for writing guest post on LetsTrick

Please follow these bellow given points in your mind while writing your guest post:

     1.       You have to write a deep quality content  of at least 700 words, don’t forget about paragraphs and        headlines.

     2.       Use quality images in your post.
     3.     Don’t use links in your post and please don’t use keywords again and again.
     4.       You’ll get a do-follow backlink in your author bio with your social media links also.
     5.       You’ll have to reply all the comments which you’ll get on your guest post in max of 2-3 days.
     6.       You’ll have to promote your guest post on your social media as well.
     7.       If you don’t follow any of these rules then we have the right to remove your backlinks.

That’s all J

Start writing now and submit fast J

Just email me at myletstrick@gmail.com

Thank you !

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