How to be an entrepreneur without going to school

How to be an entrepreneur without going to school:

"I have never let school interfere with my education"
It is a very famous quote of Mark Twain, and also an inspiration for all of us who want to become an entrepreneur. It is not essential that one go to school for learning the skills to become an entrepreneur but anyone can do it. You just have to do little efforts and hard work for it. Self-employment is very important as well as independent.

As many of us have seen that there are successful entrepreneurs and businessman who are either college drop out or never went to school. But these people are very successful in their field and also a great example for others to follow as well. Although education and studies are important for your life but not necessarily you can get this knowledge from school or college. Many of the entrepreneurs even never went to school so it is not compulsory either that they have to continue or go to school to become a successful entrepreneur.

List of people who are a successful entrepreneur and are college drop outs:
1. Michael Dell:


Founder of Dell, Drop College at the age of 19

2. Steve Jobs:


Founder of Apple, Drop College at the age of 19

3. Julian Assange:


Founder of Wiki leaks, Drop College at the age of 19

4. Bill gates:


Founder of Microsoft, drop out college at age of 20

5. Evan William:


Co-founder of Twitter dropped out at the age of 20

6. Mark Zuckerberg:


Founder of Facebook, drop out at the age of 20

And many more.


Tips and tricks how to become an entrepreneur without going to school:

There are many people who have successfully started and running their business all over the world without going to school. Listing them is impossible but a general research and study shows that there are some common tips that can lead anyone to become an entrepreneur

There can be many tips but generally, a good entrepreneur is made from hard work, dedication and right actions on their plans.

1. Love what you do:


Everyone loves to do something. If you want to start a business you must do what you love the most. For example, if someone loves cooking food he or she must start a business related to food such as open a café, restaurant, start a food blog, write a recipe book, make a foodie group and much more. The people who follow their passion are more successful than those who do the thing forcefully and follow the wrong path.

2. Make a plan:


Before starting and executing anything make a good plan keeping all the positive and negative elements involved. The plan must be realistic and in a step by step manner which can be followed in an order.

3. Promote yourself:

Try to promote yourself in the field by taking small orders and doing small tasks. It is more beneficial for you and your business to stick in the field as well as promote yourself by doing big and small tasks related to your work.

4. Keep trying:


there can be multiple business plans for each business and in case one is not working there can be other which will work. Never lose hope. Always try new and different methods and ways to get your work done. In the end, all it matters is work must be done.

Try different and new ways. A fresh start is always good for business and it also improves your skills as well.

5. Improve your skills:


Being an entrepreneur is all about skills you have. Always work hard to improve your skills and learning new ones. If you have brilliant skills you don’t need to go school and college to become an entrepreneur.

6. Be innovative:


New ideas are always welcome. Even an old idea with a twist of freshness will work and succeed. That is why a successful entrepreneur can be made if you have a creative mind, brilliant skills, and hard working nature.

7. Learn from others:


There are many people you can learn from. Related to your field or not, always learn something from others and apply it in your case. Learning is good especially when you have to do everything by yourself. Anything can be learned in order to apply it in your plans such as designs, recipes, sales improving tactics, marketing, promotions and what not.

8. Invest in the best:


The investment is very important in making a good entrepreneur. Whether it is money or it is time. A good investment will always give good return that is why it is essential to invest in your business and ideas now to get benefit from it in future.


9. Don’t waste time:


Time is money. And when you are willing to become an entrepreneur it is very important not to waste your time in laziness or anywhere else. That is why a focused and determined people tend to become entrepreneurs than the ones without it.

10. Take right actions:


Taking right actions at right time is not only help you become a good entrepreneur but also it makes you a complete business person. Wait for the right opportunity and act accordingly is the best way to succeed in long term.

11. Build your team:


Make a team of experts and experience team members. Young and energetic team members will also work but placing the right person in the right position is very important. Each person must know and complete the task in right time to achieve the business goal. In start always hire or accompany reliable people to achieve the milestones.

12. Self-motivation:


Self-motivated people are successful entrepreneurs than the ones who needs a push. If you love your work and self-motivated it is better to start your own business than to work for others. Be your own boss is a great feeling and self-motivated people are more dominating and controlling than the others.
Credit: This post was written by Liame Payne of Top10bestpro.


  1. Well mark zukerberg is inspiration for so many people and I guess we can still become entrepreneur without going to school.

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