Quick Tip: How to remove Powered by Blogger Attribution from your Blog.

Ah pissed off from Powered by Blogger Attribution widget....!!


Then you are at perfect place J

In next few minutes you’ll be free from that awkward “Powered by Blogger” widget because in today we are going to learn how to remove Powered by Blogger attribution from Blog.

The reason why I said it awkward because yeah it really not looks good at all. 

We all design our Website or Blog with feelings and we don’t like anything on it which is not looking good. So that’s the only reason why we want to remove powered by blogger attribution widget

So let’s directly come to the point and the point is-

How to remove powered by blogger from my blog?

I’m gonna tell you two methods to remove footer credit link from blogger template; you can choose any one which you finds more easy, by the way both of the methods are super easy trust me J

If you are using any free or bought template instead of blogger’s own template then I suggest you to continue with 1st method.

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Method 1St-

In this method we are going to unlock the locked powered by blogger attribution widget.

So just follow bellow given steps one by one-

Step 1:- First of all you have to go to Blogger and Sign in.

Step 2:- Now go to “Template” section and click on “Edit HTML”.


Step 3:- Now you’ll see an option “Jump to Widget” just next to orange (maybe I’m right it’s orange) 
button “Save Template”, click on that.


Step 4:- Now a drop down menu will open, click on “Attribution1”. 


Step 5:- Now you just see on the coding section you’ll see this line


<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution' visible='true'>

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Step 6:- Now  you just have to replace ‘true’ with ’false’ in about line.

So now it will look something like this-

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='false' title='' type='Attribution' visible='true'>


Step 7:- Now just click on that orange “save template” button.

Step 8:- No it’s not over yet! Now you have to go to “Layout” section and there you’ll see 
“Attribution gadget”, click on that.


Step 9:- Wow now you can see the “Remove” option. Just tap on remove option.

That’s all now you have successfully learned how to remove powered by blogger footer J

Method 2:- 

Actually this method is pretty must shorter than the above one.

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But if you are using any other template instead of blogger’s own template then you may not be able to search the bellow given code.

Step 1:- Login to your Blogger account and go to “template” section.

Step 2:- Now click on “Edit HTML”.

Step 3:- Now just tap once in the code area (anywhere) and then press “Ctrl+F” together to open a 
search bar.

Step 4:- You have to search this code

body {


Step 5:- Now just paste this line before or above “body {“ –

#Attribution1 {display: none;}


Step 6:- Now click on “Save template” button.

That’s all now check your blog, whoa now you have completely learned how to remove powered by blogger attribution J

If you are still having any doubts regarding how to remove Powered by Blogger footer attribution widget from you blog then please feel free to ask in comments bellow.

Thank you J

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