Facebook Desktop Site on android/ iPhone

Facebook desktop site on android or facebook full site on mobile is like great felling for facebook full site lovers. But as we all know whenever we try to use fb on our phone either android or iphone we see the mobile version but as we all know facebook desktop version is more simple and fast. So today I am here with the awesome trick with which you can use facebook computer version on mobile or facebook desktop view for mobile.

facebook full site on mobile

So if you are searching for facebook mobile full site then you are at perfect palace. With tricks you can use facebook full site login computer.

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Actually, officially facebook pc version is only for computer and the size of facebook full site changes according to the device size on which you are using fb. This feature is called as responsible site which is so much important nowadays and here comes the need of facebook full site on mobile.

There are so many reasons why people want use facebook full website because the very first reason is that facebook web version loads fast and the second common reason is that people who are habitual of facebook desktop version, don’t want to go out from their comfort zone. Most people feel their comfort when they use facebook pc version so that’s why they need this trick to use facebook full site login home page.

So let’s directly come to our today’s topic how to use facebook full site on mobile or facebook desktop version for mobile.

So there are two most common and easiest way to use facebook mobile full site and both of these two methods are extremely working on every device on the earth to use facebook full site login computer. I will share both the methods with you so that you can use facebook desktop version easily.

Method 1st- Facebook Desktop Link

This is the best and easiest way to use facebook desktop site on android or iphone. We don’t need any trick or any external app for this method actually this is an official method for facebook users so that they can use facebook desktop view on mobile.

In this method we will use a URL or facebook desktop link which is officially provided by FB.

Step 1- Open up your any web browser and simply go to facebook.com as you always use fb.

Step 2- Now login with your account.

Step 3- Now just close your web browser and open it again.

Step 4- Now this time instead of entering fb home page link which is www.facebook.com enter this link- http://www.facebook.com/home.php

That’s all now you have successfully opened facebook computer version on your android/iphone.

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Method 2nd- Change Browser Setting

This method is also super doper easy to use facebook desktop version for android. In this method we just have to change one setting in our web browser.

The setting which we are going to update is available on every web browser like chrome, Firefox, opera or even in safari.

So let’s see how it works-

Step 1- First of all open up your web browser.

Step 2- Now open menu of your web browser, mostly there are three dots on the top right corner of browser just click on it but on iPhone tab the share button to open up menu.

Step 3- Now once you have opened the menu, now you have to choose or tick this option – “Request Desktop Site”.  

facebook full site on mobile

That’s all now just open up fb as you always do and login. You will see facebook desktop view now.

That’s all now you have successfully learned how to use facebook desktop site on android/iPhone.

If you are still having any doubts or problem regarding how to use facebook full site then please let me know in comments below. It will be my honor to help you out.

And one more thing please don’t forget to share this awesome trick to use facebook desktop version on mobile with your friends.

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  1. Facebook is now a great tools for social media marketing. I using this for my own business improving. I like to use Facebook on android like desktop. It's give to me another social media experience.


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