Bypass Surveys Online Free: 5 Best Method

Bypass Online Surveys or bypass surveys online is very common questions which every internet user have nowadays because there are surveys everywhere on the internet. Whenever we want to download any software or even any file or mostly movies then we must have to complete few surveys to download our files. But sometimes these surveys are even not responding at all if someone wants to complete them then even they don’t let them complete their job. So here comes the need of this trick how to bypass surveys online.

Bypass surveys online free

I have seen most of the people asking this question in most of techie groups that how to bypass surveys to download files or how to bypass surveys on android. So then I think I should write it up a very simple and step by step guide to let them learn how to bypass online surveys.

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So there are lots of methods people are making to bypass survey but trust me only few of them works properly rest of them are only made to earn some decent bucks online.

There are lots of tools available on internet some are paid and some are free like survey bypass tool,  survey remover online, survey remover tool and survey blocker etc.

I suggest you to go with the free survey bypass tool because they are enough for our work or simply why to spend money if we can skip surveys with free tools. So get ready to remove survey in just one minute.

So if you are also searching for this question how to bypass surveys online then you are at perfect place because today I am going to share the best guide to learn how to skip online surveys and I am going to use best sites to bypass online survey.

Some most popular websites which requires online surveys are –
Dollar upload

You must have gone through any one of the site mentioned above and you must have closed it with dangerous angry face but if not used any of the site above then you must have faced surveys anywhere else that’s why you are here today.

So let’s directly come to the steps to bypass survey or to bypass online surveys-

Method 1-

Surveybypass is one of the best sites to bypass online survey. So if you want to bypass survey in less than 30 seconds then you should use this survey remover online. This is a great survey bypass tool which you should use once.

Bypass surveys online free

Step 1- First of all open this Surveybypass website.
Step 2- Now you will see a box where “http://” is prefilled which means you have to paste your webpage link which wants survey or simply paste the URL of website to remove survey.
Step 3- You will see there are few options available bellow the URL box. You don’t have to edit or change them, let them as it is.
Step 4- Now finally click on “Go” button.

And there you go, now you will be redirected to the page where you can download you file (that’s why this is my favourite survey blocker).

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Method 2- Sharecash Survey Killer

Sharecash Survey Killer is also one of the top survey bypass tool which will let you bypass online surveys for free. You can download this tool freely and then can use to skip surveys. This survey remover tool is extremely awesome and simple to use. Everyone can use this survey blocker tool very easily the first time with their own. This will also helpful for them who are searching for this question how to bypass surveys on android.

Bypass surveys online free

But there is one drawback or bug in this survey remover tool is that it only remove survey from ShareCash website.

Step 1-Download Sharecash Survey Killer form here.
Step 2-Now install it and run it, when you open it you will see a box names as “Link” just past your link their and hit enter.

That’s all now you have successfully bypass survey online.

Method 3- Survey Remover Tool

Survey Remover Tool is also a great survey bypass tool for free. You can download it and start using it to bypass survey in one click.

If any one tool doesn’t work for you then don’t sad just try each of the survey remover tool I have mentioned here, anyone will definitely work for you to skip surveys.

Step 1- Just Download Survey Remover Tool from here.
Step 2-Now just starts this tool and past your link, that’s all.

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Method 4- Bypass Surveys Extensions

If you are using internet on PC or computer then there are few more easy ways to Bypass Online Surveys. There are so many bypass surveys extensions available on internet with which you can bypass survey online. These are tools for survey remover online.

For Chrome - Bypass surveys chrome

This is one of the best bypass surveys extensions for chrome which every chrome user should use. This Bypass surveys chrome is as usually a free extension.

Download this Bypass surveys chrome extension from here.

For Firefox- Redirect Bypasser

Redirect Bypasser is also one of the great bypass surveys extensions for Firefox. You can easily download your movies or any file without completing any survey with this survey bypass tool.

Download this Redirect Bypasser Firefox extension from here.

Whenever you see any survey just click on the extension and it will skip surveys or remove survey from that page.

Method 5- Disable JavaScript to bypass survey.

Now we can also bypass online surveys for free by disabling JavaScript on our web browsers. Don’t worry about this hard word JavaScript and also if you don’t know how to disable JavaScript. You can disable it within few seconds with these simple steps. We can also call this method survey remover online method.

So just follow these below given steps to disable javascript on your browser to survey bypass online.

Disable JavaScript on Chrome-

Step 1- First of all open up your Chrome Browser and click on the “three dots or three lines”  (top right corner) to open menu.

Bypass surveys online free

Step 2- Now click on setting option.
Step 3- Now a new tab will open with chrome settings, just scroll down till you see “show advanced settings…” option. Click on this option.
Step 4- Now under Privacy menu you will see an option “Content Settings...”, click on it.

Bypass surveys online free

Step 5- Now a new window or pop up will come up, just tick or choose this option “Do not allow any site to use javascript”. That’s all.

Bypass surveys online free

Disable JavaScript on Firsfox-

Step 1- First of all open up Firefox and paste this on address bar- “about:config” (without inverted comas) and then hit enter.
Step 2- Now click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” option.

Bypass Surveys Online Free

Step 3- Now you will see a search bar their, just search for this “javascript.enabled”.

Bypass Surveys Online Free

Step 4- Now right click on “JavaScript.enabled” option and click toggle to change the true value to false or you can directly double click on JavaScript enabled to change the value to false.

That’s all now JavaScript is enabled on your Firefox browser.

So now you have enabled javasript on your browser now you will bypass survey or skip surveys. This feature on browsers removes survey or works like a survey blocker.

Wrap Up-

So I think these five methods are more then enough to bypass survey. So now you can bypass surveys to download files easily.

If you are still having any problem regarding how to bypass surveys on android or how to bypass online surveys the let me know in comments below. It’ll be my honour to help you out. 

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