Are you a Blogger?  if yes then I'm sure you need to check or update your Blog every time everywhere but it's not possible to carry your PC or Laptop with you everywhere. So what to do? Wait why don't you start blogging on your phone?. There are best blogging apps for android available on internet which you should try on your Android. Yeah trust me you can do everything on your phone but you just need to install few apps for bloggers on your phone. In this post I'm gonna share a list of 10 best blogger apps for android which you can download on play store.


I'm a Blogger, so I think I pretty much understand every Blogger feelings. We just can't wait for 5 minutes, we can't leave our blog for one sec. Lots of questions starts arising in our mind if we don't check our blog. We need to check our page views or visitors in every 15-30 minutes (max), we need to check how much dollars we have added in our account today and how much backlinks we have got today and many more. So that's why I thought it's necessary to share this list of best blogging app for android (which I use and prefer every Blogger to use) with you. So read this post till the very end to get some pretty awesome blogger app for android.

So let’s just directly come to our list of best blogger apps for android -

I have made this list of best blogging app for android according to the Bloggers reviews and my personal felling for these blogger apps. If you have got any new and awesome apps for bloggers then please share it with us, I'll add it up in my list.

1. Buffer 

I have put Buffer app at first position in my list of best blogger apps for android because of the trust of over 3+ million people in the world and because this is the app which every Blogger dreams about but still doesn’t know about it. Whenever we write any post we need to promote it to to get it viral. So we share the posts on lot's of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest etc.  But it really takes time to share all our posts on all of these social media sites and time is what we don't have and we can't even buy. 


So here is the solution Buffer app is the best blogger apps android and  the better way to share on social media. Actually Buffer allows us to share our all new posts on all social media sites at once. It also allows us to schedule our posts to social media sites. The best part which I loved about this app is that it has various awesome time-slots which is generally based on the times during the day when most of the social media users are online. Buffer shares our posts automatically on the best possible times during the day so that we can get the most out of our shares. 

Buffers has two versions - 
  • Free Version - If you are a new blogger or if your Blog is still in progress then I suggest you to go with this free version of blogging apps for android. In this free version we can schedule at most 10 shares at a specific time and we can manage only one social media account per social media website.
  • Paid Version (Awesome) - Paid version is really awesome, it allows us to link our all social media account (approx 10) and we'll get advanced features. Advanced features include analytics for our all post shared and we can also see at which time most of people come online. And we can schedule over 100 posts at same time. 
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I just love Evernote. Evernote is one of the best blogger apps for android. A Blogger mind is full of ideas and full of curiosity. A blogger starts thinking about his/her Blog anytime anywhere and then when they got ideas then they need to write it up anywhere so that they can remind it later on. So evernote is the best blogger android app, it allows us to records almost anything like notes, pictures, videos and even voice records. It also has a ‘To-do’ list feature which is really helpful. We can set voice reminders just like alarms so that it reminds us that we have to do something now. And at last but not least awesome feature is that all your notes or data will synchronized across all our devices like computer or tablet.
Evernote is free for a limits storage space but once we have exceeded that space we have to pay to continue.   

3. Feedly

Feedly is also one of my favorite in blogging apps android list and it helped me a lot in my blogging journey. Bloggers need to be updated with all new things happening in their field or we can say in their niche. Bloggers keep their eyes on their competitive Blogs to get to know what other people are writing. So basically we subscribe to all our competitive blogs so that we can get a notification whenever they upload any new post.


But Feedly made it really pretty mush easy to read all new posts, we can now read all latest posts at one place. We can read all the latest posts at once in this app from all the sites which we have subscribed earlier. It works on RSS Feed. You really should use this best blogger apps android.

4. Pocket

Pocket is the best blogging app for android which I use every day. We all bloggers love to read articles online but sometimes we don’t have that much time to read full posts then we generally bookmark that page to read it latter but here we got a better way for this situation.  


Pocket allows us to save full article in our device so that we can read it anytime we want latter and the best part is that even without need of internet. So we can save our articles when we need to leave our wifi home for a while. I really suggest you to use these best apps for blogger once.

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This is also one of the best blogging Android app and really most helpful for bloggers. Sometimes we stuck on words which we don’t know then we have to search that word anywhere like dictionary or Google. We all need to learn and update our self with new words and synonyms to use them in our content. Best features in this android blogging app are that it helps us to improve our audio pronunciation, abbreviations, voice search etc.  

6.  Pixlr

You must have heard or used this photo editor once in your life. Pixlr is the best blogging app for android because every blogger needs high quality stock photos but only images are not enough we need to edit them and add some text on it or some clipart. So Pixlr is really one of the best blogger apps 2016.

7.  Tumblr


Here comes the Tumblr, we all use tumbler just like Google+ or any other social media accounts. We can manage our all blogs from Tumblr app, we just need to ‘create a post’ and just share all our new posts or photos or videos links etc. I don’t think I need to write the advantages of Tumblr for a blogger. So I just highly recommend you to install and use this blogger android app.

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8.  Youtube


Yeah I know you’ll probably have this app in your phone but this is for them how don’t have it till. YouTube is also the best blogging app for android or iphone both. We all know how much YouTube is necessary for a Blogger. YouTube is the first and last teacher of every Blogger. Bloggers (like me) use videos in their Blog to rank high on search engines so for them it’s really important to use this app. So same as Tumblr I don’t think I should waste your time by keep telling you YouTube’s features and advantages. You should install this best blogger android app right now if you don’t have till.


Official Google Blogger app is one the best blogger apps for android for them who use Blogger. Yeah it’s easy to handle our blog with this app, we can create and edit our blog posts and can do approximately everything which we do in our PC.  If you have a blog on Blogger then you really should use this blogger app for android without thinking twice.  


Official Wordpress app is really the best blogger app for android. If you have a blog on wordpress then just stop reading this and first install this app. You can maintain your full blog with this app very easily.


Google Drive is also one of the best apps for bloggers & essential one. All bloggers need to store their stuff somewhere and generally all bloggers uploads their stuffs on their Google drive so that they can use them from anywhere in this world with their account password. So I suggest you to use this blogger android app once.

It’s your Turn-

So that’s all for today’s  list of best blogger apps for android but if you are having any queries or suggestions regarding to 'best apps for blogger' then please feel free to comment bellow, I’ll be honoured to help you out.  

As I have said in starting that I have made this list according to people reviews and I’m sure you all have got few more blogging apps for android, so suggest them in comment’s bellow.

Thank you, Have a nice day! 

Hey Friends wassup..!! Today I’m here to give you the list of top 10 awesome sites to download free stock photos. Many of my friends were telling me to make a post for them on best places to get royalty of free stock photos for their websites. There are lots of stock photography websites available on internet but trust me only few of them are having free images for commercial use rest of all websites may charge us to get stock photos or if they are not charging then the quality of their pictures are not like that what we want.


Photos are the very first need of any website and the quality of photos really matters. Photos are the only way to attract users on our website and to rock our first impression and we all have heard that first impression is the last impression. So in one line we can say that we need best royalty free stock photos to use in our website.

But for god sake now we have royalty free stock photography sites which gives us royalty stock photos for free and for commercial use.

What about Licenses?

You must be thinking of images license. There are few types of licenses these images have like few of them license doesn’t allow us to downloads the images and few of them allows us to download the images but we can’t use these photos for our commercial use and some of them allows us to download the photos and use them for our commercial use but without editing them. But we want the stock photos which we can download freely and edit it and the use it in commercial work (in our blog) all according to us.

These types of photos are licensed under creative commons public domain dedication which means we can download and edit photos and can use for any purpose even without asking any type of permission. The photos in the sites which I’m suggesting you to download free stock photos are licensed under this creative commons public domain license, but still we want you check the sites terms and conditions before using their photos for the safer side.

Now let’s directly come to the point, best places to get free stock photos  –

10 Best sites to get free stock images:- 


 Gratisography is website which is made to fulfil our all desires, god bless the owner of this site  (Ryan McGuire) Lol. ;-)
 This site offers us royalty free images with high quality and all the images in this site are free of  copyright restrictions & new pictures are added weekly.

     2.  Picjumbo


This is also the best place to get free stock photos for your blog & commercial work. Daily new  photos are added for you. Their stats say 3,759,588+ downloads since day one. And the best part is  that no attribution required at all.

     3. Flickr


 Flicker is the one which I like to use for my blog. This site is the best place to get royalty free  images.  You should absolutely try this one to download free stock photos.

 Unsplash is also an awesome site to get stock photos for free. They offers the best landscapes I have  ever seen & you don’t have to search the photos too much just need to scroll down the home page .

     5. Pixabay


      Pixabay is the site which will not let you down in any way because you will find every single photo  there which you can’t image & no attribution required.

     6.  MMT Stock


 MMT  Stock is also one of my favourite. They have a huge collection of breath taking images for  free. I just wanna say thanks to Jeffery Betts for this awesome site.

     7. Picography


 Picography is the site which anybody can handle in first time. All the images you’ll get on their home  page.

     8. Stocksnap


 The photos in Stocksnap is also licensed under CCO which means this is useful for us. This site also  offers us high resolution images with a wide range of categories.

     9. IM Free


 IM Free is a very simple site to get free stock photos for your website. You should also check this  out.

     10. LittleVisuals


 LittleVisuals is also a great site to get free stock photos for free. You can submit your email address  their and then you’ll get a bunch of 7 photos in your email in zip file & no attribution required at all.

Extra's- Goodfreephotos 

One of my friend suggested this awesome new site for free stock photos website. There are thousands of unique public domain photos, all high-resolution and free to use for any purpose. They specialize in photos by location as document cities, national parks, state parks, national landmarks, and many more.They updates 20+ photos each week. You should try this once... :)

RAWPixel - 

This is also suggested by my friend in comments, I have personally checked it out & really trust me I'm shocked that how can I leave this. I have seen this site for first time and it really fully impressed me. I suggest you to check it out once. it will not let you down at all. We just have to signup once and it's all set to download our photo.

Your Turn –

I have tried to make this list of 10 best sites to get free stock photos best of best. But if I have missed some of the best sites then please let me know in comments bellow.

Do you use royalty free stock images in your blog (absolutely Yes if you have a blog!) then let me know which website do you use to download free stock images?

Thank You :-)

Image compression tools are the basic and essential need of everybody who is working online specially for those who owns websites or blogs. 

We have lot's of image compression tool online but still lot's of people are facing problems daily to compress their photos and the only reason is that most of image compressor software decreases photos quality which nobody likes at all. They are just made to earn money with adds and to waste our time that’s all. 

But keep in mind we don't need to worry at all because besides these bad Image compression tools we also have some lossless image compression tools. At the end of this post you'll really feel awesome with these tools. I have made this list of  best lossless image compression tools which you must try once in your life
Actually image compressor tools help us to reduce photo size or reduce file size which is good for SEO. If you are a site developer then you must try these image compression for web because as we all know how much SEO is important to rank our blog or site organically and this image compressor is the key point for better SEO performance, that's why we need to search this image compressor software.


So when we writes any post in our blog we need to insert high quality images not any low quality images because images helps the visitor to understand the content more easily the lines. But the thing is high quality images have high size or we can say high quality images have high file size approx more than 5 Mb and when we upload these high quality images without compressing image with these lossless image compression tools then our blog will take too much time to load because of these high file size images.

So in one line we can say that online image compressor tools are very essential to use in each and every field. We must use these image compressor tools before uploading any images in our blog post so that it will reduce the image size.

I have made this list of Best Lossless Image Compression Tools for free after doing a research on google reviews and websites.

And yeah the most common reason why people don’t use these image compressor software is that they think it will destroy the quality of image but trust me these online image compression tool will not harm your image quality at all, so you can use these image compression tools without thinking of quality loss. Mostly we use jpeg images so these images can compress jpeg file and reduce jpeg file size or people also call them online jpeg compression tools.

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So let’s just directly come to the list of 10 best free online image compressor tools to reduce image size.

     1. Tinypng


 This thinypng is awesome online image compressor tool or website which lot’s of site developers using now a days. The best part of this online image compression website is that it also provides the Wordpress plugin and a Magento extension also, so you can use these plugin and extension directly to compress image online and reduce image size.

This is not a totally free image compressor tool but yeah this lets you compress approx 100 images per month. You can compress png, jpg/ jpeg files with this tool.



This one is best lossless image compression tool to compress jpeg,png,gif and svg files. This online image compression tool is highly recommended by site developers these days even I use this one.

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This is also very good online image compression tool you should try this one once.

    4. OptimiZilla


This is also a good online image compression for web and the most amazing part in this tool is that you can control the quality loss in your image. You can upload lots of images in one time or bulk import and bulk compress in one click.

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    5. ImageRecycle


The best part of this lossless image compressor tool which took my attention is that we can compress both images and pdf files together in one click that’s why I have added this tool in my top 10 free online image compressor tools but it’s not free, you can take a free 14 days trial with 100 Mb quota.

     6. JpegMini


This is a best jpeg compression tool. We can compress only jpg/jpeg format images with this one that's why we call this best jpeg compression tool.

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    7. JpegOptimizer



     This is also best jpeg image compression tool but only compress  jpeg. In this you can select the compression level between 0 to 99 and you can also optimize your compressed image width. Now just save your compressed image with right click and save as option.

    8. SmushIt



Smushit also a very good image compression tool the best part of this is that you need not to upload the image, you can also use  direct link of the image and not only one link, as many links as you want. You can compress all mainly used types of image formats in this one.

    9. ShrinkPictures


In this you can adjust the quality of compressed image in applies special effects option but you can only compress jpg/jpeg file in this one. So we also call this one best jpeg compressor tool.

    10. CompressNow


In this type of image compressor tool you can compare the compressed image and the original image. With this tool you can compress all mainly used image formats.

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That’s all....

Your Turn -

Now it’s your turn, I’m sure there are also lots of other lossless image compressor tools that you love but I have missed them, so please let me know about them and tell me which image compression tools you use to compress image online in comments.

If you have liked this post ‘10 Best lossless Image Compression Tools online for free’ then please appreciate us or show your love by sharing this post on
Facebook and any other social media you use.

Hey Friends wassup...!! Today I'm gonna tell you a step by step guide on how to do Keyword research for SEO effectively. As we all know about keywords and the importance of Keywords in Seo. So to use keywords first we need to learn how to do keyword research for blog post or we can say how to do long tail keyword research. There are so many keyword research tools are available on internet but only few of them works properly, so today I'll give you a list of best Keyword research tool free.


Before writing any post we have to collect or make a list of all the high ranked keywords related to our blog post topic and again to make this keyword list we have to do good keyword research. These ranked keywords are the most important part to write SEO friendly blog post. Without keywords we can't get much traffic or we can say organic traffic from search engines and the most important you can't increase your blog's alexa rank and we all know that how much alexa rank matters. The biggest problem which we bloggers face specially the new onces is to learn how to do keyword research for ppc free. There are so many methods to do keyword research for SEO or ppc. So gonna discuss only the best onces.

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So let's directly come to the point how to do Keyword research for SEO...?

Just follow bellow given methods one by one.... 

Method 1st :-

How to do Keyword research with google Keyword planner ?

As we all know about google Adword and the working of google Adword. Google Keyword planner is a free tool of google adword. We can do effective keyword research with google Keyword planner tool. This is the official way to do Keyword research which all the professionals use to do keyword research for ppc.
Follow bellow given steps to learn how to do Keyword research with google Keyword planner tool.

Step 1 :- First of all go to official google Keyword planner tool and then just sign in with your google Adword account (if you don't have a Adword account then make one free with your gmail account).

Step 2 :- Once you logged in, then you will see keyword planner homepage, click on "Search for new keyword and ad group ideas" option.


Step 3 :- Now just write your Keyword in "Your Product or Service" field. For example I have done Keyword research with google Keyword planner before writing this post on 'how to do keyword research for seo', so I have entered "Keyword research"in your product field and then click on "Get Ideas" button.

Step 4 :- Now it will show you results, just click on "Keyword ideas" option.


Step 5 :- Now you'll see a list of keywords, just choose the keywords which have low or medium competition and have high suggested bid and mainly the high average monthly searches and then just download your keywords list.
That's all now you have successfully learned how to do Keyword research with google keyword planner tool.

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Method 2nd :-

How to do Keyword research on google with Keyword search tools ?

As we all know that there are so many keyword research tools available on google but the problem is to find the best Keyword research tools which are free. I have searched and test all the good keyword research tools and made a list of best keyword research tools for you. So that you can use these tools to do keyword research for your blog post. Long tail keywords are really better then short keywords.

#1. Google Auto Complete Tool :- A Free Long Tail Keywords research tool..

Google auto complete tool is the best and basic free tool to do long tail keyword research also very easy to use. Let's see how to use google auto complete tool to do long tail keyword research.

Step 1 :- First of all go to and then just start typing the keyword, then you will see that google automatically start giving you suggestions. These suggested long tail keywords are really powerfull. Just add them to your keywords list.


Step 2 :- Now tap on search option and then you'll see google search results page as always. Just scroll down till page end, you'll see "Searches related to 'your Keyword' "... and bellow this heading you'll see some more long tail keywords. These long tail Keyword research on google are really highly ranked keywords. You can also add them to your keyword tool.


#2. Google Auto Suggest :- Free Long Tail Keyword research tool..

Google auto suggest is a free longtail Keyword research tool by keyword tool dominator. This tool is also free and helps us to do Keyword research for SEO.


Just go to this google auto suggest tool and enter your keyword in the given field and then click on 'go' button. Then you'll get a list of long tail keywords.

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#3. WordTracker :- A best keyword research software.

WordTracker is also a long tail keyword research tool. This tools have both free and premium versions. In free version it will show you 100 keyword research results and in premium it will show you 2000 keyword research result.


Just go to WordTracker official website and then create a free account. Confirm that account and then start searching keywords.

#4. KeywordEye :- Best Keyword research software.

KeywordEye is also a great Keyword research tool. It also have both free and paid versions and also shows only 100 search results in free version.


Just go to KeywordEye official site, and make a free account and then confirm it. Then just enter the Keyword in given field, choose 'Google US' from dropdown menu in search engine field, choose 'Adwords compitition' in order cloud by field and then just tap on search.

#5. KeywordSpy :- A best free long tail Keyword research tool.


#6. SemRush :- Have both free and paid version. You can use free version.

#7. Long Tail Pro.


#8. UberSuggest.

These are the best long tail keyword research tools free. You should use them to do good Keyword research for your website and choose which you think more easy to use for you.


That's all...😀

Now you have successfully learned how to do keyword research for SEO free and best free Keyword research tools.

If you are still having any problem in any step regarding how to do Keyword research for SEO then comment bellow, I'll be glad to help you out.

If you think I have missed any best Keyword research tools then comment bellow, I'll add it to this list.