Top Tips for Optimizing your Laptop Gaming Experience

Sometimes, gaming on a laptop is preferable. It’s a common myth that you can’t have a good gaming experience with these devices. There are some great options available for gamers if you know which specs to look for and how to optimize your purchase. With that in mind, this guide puts together some top tips to do just that. 

Get a Good Battery

Gaming laptops are prone to overheating because of how hard they work. Therefore, you do not need to put any additional strain on the device by adding in the natural temperature increase that happens during a battery charge. Ideally, your battery should last upwards of four hours – depending on how hard you tend to game. Anything less, and you are adding to the potential fatality factor of your laptop. So make sure to shop around, and for top examples and a wide selection, look at a Lenovo laptop for gaming

Think about Your Screen 

Screens need to be the right size – not too big, not too small, just right. Realistically, anything smaller than 14 inches is going to be too small to see all the necessary details and rendering. It will also not be big enough to handle advanced graphics and be more likely to glitch and malfunction. The ideal screen size for a laptop gamer is around 15 inches or more, and the resolution should be upwards of 1080p/144hz (the higher the better). 

Don’t Skimp on Storage

RAM affects CPU capacity in a major way. If it’s not up to scratch, your gaming experience will deteriorate noticeably. Aim for a laptop with at least, and this is a bare minimum, 16GB RAM to optimize your gaming sessions in the best way possible. With the right RAM, your laptop will have less struggle getting going, loading games, running games, and saving progress as well. 

GPU Overclock Strategy

Every gamer knows the importance of the graphics processing unit, but what is less common knowledge is that you can overclock these to intensify their capacity. A GPU comes with a standard GB specification. This can be overclocked (fine-tuned and modified) to bring it higher. Make sure that you overclock to enhance the FPS, or frames per second, and help your game look as good as it is supposed to look. 

Keep Everything Up to Date

Laptop software is constantly updating. Things like security improvements, running functions, and general upgrades are available through your processor and will pop up from time to time. To fully optimize your gaming laptop, opt to receive and install these updates. This is the only way to make sure that things are doing what they should be doing and in keeping with current demands. 

More gamers than ever are using laptops for their activities. Though there is an obvious difference between a desktop setup and a laptop experience, you can still get a credible and exciting gaming experience with the right tweaks here and there. There is always something to learn and new applications to increase function – you just have to anticipate those needs.

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