Why Pre Installed Ubuntu Laptop is Best ?

Hello guys, this article will help you to find why pre installed ubuntu laptop is better than windows and some other. I recently installed ubuntu 14.04 besides windows 8.1 Some great things i like about ubuntu so far. My team also did a great research on best ubuntu laptops of 2018 to find the reasons.


where as in windows where you first have to update java, windows, adobe etc. all individually, has ubuntu a list of installed software and updates everything at once and rebooting your computer is barely needed.


you can really change a lot of settings. far more then in windows. and if you learn even further you can reprogram/change the core of ubuntu.

Running from usb-stick:

You can ubuntu from usb stick, which is really nice. You can try settings without making any changes to your computer. There are so many advantages: command line is really powerful and great. ubuntu is much lighter then windows. great for programming, free.

No viruses:

 due to the way ubuntu is made is it really hard for viruses to survive. so there is no need to have a virus scanner. you can just kill the virus since it can't hide anywhere.

Great starters guide:

 there are many great guides online to help you started. for me ubuntu is far better than windows. Ubuntu is the most popular that is 3rd ranked Operating System in the world after Windows, macOS respectively. It is considered as an industry standard for many reasons and also due to it’s open source nature. The following points are to be considered over the advantages of Ubuntu over Microsoft Windows.

It’s free as in free air, anyone can download it and start using it completely free of costs. It’s open source nature makes it more bullet proof as in terms of security as there are community people behind the OS to resolve bugs and security patches quickly as well as the company called Canonical, which is behind the core essentials of Ubuntu.

Lots of development softwares and packages are ready to be installed right from the Ubuntu software Center which is free for many packages repositories. It is faster then Windows in browsing and other day to day activities.

It can play various types of videos and other software’s if third party repos are added which are called ppa(personal packaging archives). Linux based OS’s are preferred first choice of developers and testers as there are many new features landing on them say every 6 months as new versions of the OS’s are released which is a lacking factor in Windows and macOS.

Well, Linux will be my suggestion always over windows but choose the Linux distro with a little care.
Except for gaming, Linux is good to go, actually best for all uses.

I recommend Debian (Wheezy/Jessie/Sid). I'm just about to try the Debian Sid (a.k.a. Debian Unstable, which it is not) in a few days. I like Debian for the fact that that it is very disciplined in terms of providing you with only open source. You may add other software repositories also if you want like contrib and non-free. Debian is the mother of most Linux distros and hence I prefer it over anything else.

My other choice would be Fedora! My choice for gaming is windows 8.1 (10 is due to arrive soon), only gaming otherwise I don't require this paid shit full of crap and bloatware either operating system can be loaded as soon as the computer starts up! If you want to just cruise the web. start Ubuntu If you want to use one of your programs you purchased start windows. IF you have a computer that’s OLD and runs Win95 or VISTA or XP you can always have two operating system at your finger tips.

IT’s FREE— His reasons are great! Mine are simple.

For myself the biggest advantage of Ubuntu and any other GNU/Linux system is that the skills I once learn with them never get outdated.  By contrast, each new version of Windows makes you (as a user and, especially, as a developer) learn the most important things about your system from scratch.

So, about 10 years ago, for the first time, I wiped Windows from the hard drive of my laptop. I've never regretted. Since then, wiping Windows off became the first thing I do to every PC that I use. It truly depends on the kind of use; following points are my assessment after using both for almost everything mentioned below:

Development (Programming, Software/web development, ...)

Ubuntu - the best
Windows - you'll survive

Entertainment (Movies, Photos, Songs, ...)

Ubuntu - Can do everything what windows can do
Windows - very intuitive

Office work (Word, Excel, ...)

Ubuntu - you can survive with Wine and MS Office but not the best experience
Windows - the best

Gaming (CS, NFS, COD, ...)

Ubuntu - nah!
Windows - the best

Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, After effects, ...)

Ubuntu - Photoshop CS4 using Wine, so consider it not there
Windows - awesome support

Performance (RAM utilization, Core utilization, ...)
Ubuntu - Better than windows
Windows - okay

Productivity (Explorer, theme, applications, ...)

Ubuntu (unity) - Really awesome
Windows (7) - good

Security (Antivirus, firewall, ...)

Ubuntu - awesome, no antivirus needed
Windows - there is always one more virus

Learning curve

Ubuntu - kind of steep learning curve
Windows - easy

 So, make your choice.

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