Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives Or Sites Like Hootsuite

Hello folks, I think you are looking for top quality HootSuite alternatives to complete your social media marketing stuffs. It is easy to handle your social media marketing strategies and other stuff with these hootsuite alternatives. Sites like hootsuite also give you a great option to handle your social marketing.

What Is Hootsuite 

Today when you utter a word Internet, the first thing that strikes someone’s mind is social media especially when talk of the juvenile generation. It has covered the maximum of internet usage nowadays. Social media is so fast today that you might not even be aware of some social media platforms.  After crossing over the it’s primitive aim of connecting people it has now become the most popular platform for spreading awareness. People share their thoughts, their moods, and everything they wish like with god knows how many people.

There are the plenty of social media platforms the most popular beings facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram and few not so popular ones like QQ, WeChat, QZone, Tumblr etc. Do you use only one of them in you android or you keep switching between them? So when you want to use so many of them all you need the management of them. 

For this managing purpose we all are aware of the very popular “Hootsuite”; a very popular tool for managing the social media, for instance, facebook pages, twitter, LinkedIn, Word Press blogs and many more. It is basically used by many companies to keep the track or to manage the responses to your brands by the different people on different social media. Although it is very often used the tool, but it also has constraints attached to it. For this, you are available with the multiple alternatives. The best 12 alternatives are stated below:

Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives

1.     TweetDeck:

As its name relates, TweetDeck is used to manage s number of Twitter accounts. You can search for the event, topics separately. The user can be updated about the new notification by enabling the pop-up option. This completely free desktop software can be easily downloaded and used to handle the twitter accounts and can also be merged with another social media management tool “buffer” for better use.

2.     Viral Heat:

It creates a smart environment for handling all your social media profiles. You can analyze the trends and hoe it is going to affect your brand posts, blogs etc. and thus help you to make the plans accordingly. You can stay organized by even scheduling your posts beforehand. Users can reach the specific post by just entering the keywords in the search bar and can get alerts about every single activity.

3.     Buffer:

Buffer works on the principle of Queue. It manages all your accounts by organizing them in the form of the queue. What do you want with your posts? The answer to it is getting it into the notice of your target audience. This is perfectly done by this SMM tool. It can be available in browser extensions as well as the mobile app. By gathering so many crowds towards your post it even creates the superb reports for them too. It is again available for free as well as paid version.

4.     SocialOomph:

Previously popular as, it was solely involved in publicizing the post of Twitter. Later it increased its domain thereby involving other social media too. It further keeps your profile active even if you are offline. Its DM management keeps you clear of spams. You can either go for its free or paid versions.

5.     Sprinklr:

Sprinklr allows you to pay for the tool that you need to use that is payment is not for the entire software. The content can be posted in around 10 different languages. The reports provided are accurate and well in graphics. Its easy handling and speedy connections have made it quite popular among many people.

6.     Cision:

With almost all the positive reviews given by the users, Cision is one of the best Social Media Managing tool used. Its basic advantage is PR list building tool that it provides. If you don’t need it you need to pay for this tool for just managing your accounts.

7.     Send Social Media:

Send Social Media helps users to bring their all social media profiles under the single roof so as to keep the track of their brands, posts etc. on the profiles. The can even handle the messages on different platforms together. It even provides you the effective templates for campaigning posts. It allows you to send SMS to any part of the world. It is one of the full-fledged SMM tool so far.

8.     Social Pilot:

You can go for increase in your brand’s popularity and customer interactions using Social Pilot; another SMM tool. User can schedule his posts and campaigns. Though it is found that it is not so good in handling you-tube and twitter yet many people prefer to use Social Pilot.

9.     Sprout Social:

When you need to organize all your social media accounts in a clean and easy way you can go with Sprout Social. Thus keeping your dashboard clean. User can get himself engaged with all his audience under different platform just under a single inbox provided by this SMM tool. 

When you have much work load you can divide the work among your team members and collaborate with them easily. It thus analysis your activities and creates an accurate weekly reports for your profiles. This is available in paid versions with three plans for you to make the choice that could best suit you.


Sendible allows its user to handle his all social media networks for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., with easy and with effective speed. It is even helpful in generating very accurate reports in very less time. Sendible is available at the android as well as iOS stores for easy and handy management in your mobiles. It is paid software available at a free trial of 30 days.

    Agora Pulse:

Agora Pulse helps you to manage all you social media accounts from one place. It syncs your entire social media message into a special inbox similar to email inboxes. Even you are notified on the single notification that occurs on your twitter, facebook or any other profile. Agora Pulse creates the accurate PowerPoint reports for you with perfect visualizations.

1 Social Booster:
If you want to drive the attention of more people towards your brands or pages posted on your facebook or twitter account, Social Booster is the best tool to work with. It even keeps your profile active even if you are inactive. It provides its user to schedule your posts few weeks ago. This amazing social media managing tool is available in both free as well as paid version.

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