Here are mistakes to avoid when writing cover letters

To improve your chances of securing your dream job,  strongly recommends you pay particular attention and avoid all the fatal mistakes some applicants make. The reason is that how you draft this letter can either boost or undermine your resume. In the remaining sections of this post, we shall look at some of the blunders you ought to avoid when drafting your cover letters. Remain with this discourse to learn more.

Lets direclty come to the point,

Fatal Cover Letter Errors to Avoid

Including Excess Information

The first blunder you should avoid in your cover letters is including excess information. You should remember that this is not a resume, and hence, limit the amount of details you present to your prospective boss. If you wear your potential employer with details, chances are high that you could lose an invitation to an interview.

Being Too Official or Informal 

Another error you need to avoid is being either too formal or informal in your approach. By default, a cover letter is a formal document, and you should never approach it with a sloppy casual attitude. However, it is necessary to factor in the type of organization you are applying to as well as its culture. The reason is that in some corporate cultures, there is no offence greeting the hiring manager as “Hello Steve.” In other cultures, it is an offence to do so, and hence, you will need to greet the person as, “Dear Mr. Steve.” Therefore, take time and study the culture if the company you want to work for.

Using a Recycled Letter

Never use a recycled cover letter. It is necessary to take your precious time and mention the particular job you had applied to in the opening sentence. The reason is that hiring managers are very good at detecting such letters, and when they do, be sure you risk losing your chances of being invited for an interview. Remember, using a recycled letter will tell the manager you are too lazy to sit and draft a specific letter, and hence, you will make them doubt how serious you will take the job you are applying to.

Ignoring Instructions

Depending on the sector you are applying to work in, you should be careful to pay attention to all the instructions the organization sets. If the potential employer requests you to provide certain information in the letter, do not ignore it or else you will be telling them you will also be ignoring job instructions once they hire you.

Being Selfish 

When writing your cover letter, you should balance between your need for the job and the needs of the company that is offering you that opportunity. Never turn it into a “me, myself, and I” chorus where you focus everything on yourself and needs. Remember, this mutual deal should take care of both parties.
Avoiding costly errors in your cover letter is one of the best ways of increasing your chances of securing your dream job. When writing it, you have to avoid all the blunders we have covered in this post so that you don’t undo the good work your resume had done.

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