5 Tips to Convert PDF Files

If you continuously work with PDF files, chances are you send and receive different documents on a daily basis. Converting files can get troublesome as it needs attention to details and consumes time.
To ease off your pressure, we are giving a few quick tips that will help you with the conversion.

Learn About Font Matching

You receive PDF files from some sources. The problem with different sources is each have its own format, and structure. A common reason is your computer doesn’t have or support the same font used to create the document.

In such case, you PDF software will find the closest font and substitute them in place of the original.  In case you want to use the exact same font, you need to get it online, and load it to on your system. Once you obtain the font, you can go ahead with the conversion.

Different Conversion Options

When you convert a Soda PDF Document, you can choose between flowing continuous, plain text, exact and Reconstruction Mode. To retain important components then you need to edit and choose the flowing mode.

If you need PDF output to look closet to source than you should choose the exact model. Continuous and text modes remove formatting for the lightweight file. But you will lose likeness to the original file.


With advanced PDF converters, you can choose between 4 different Detect Tables. This allows you find the tables in your PDFfile and convert them as Word Table content.  Users can edit these objects and change the features of the table as you see fit. You can change rows, columns and update data.
You can also improve advanced features including colors, shading, etc.

PDFs, and Different Standards

There is a great difference between PDF Files.  Every time you create a PDF with different software, you will notice great differences thanks to the uniqueness of creation program.  PDF files have information which lets you convert it to a clean, and easy to edit a word document.

Most of the time, these documents are created via optimal scanning, and each page is saved as an image. This is why there are massive changes when a PDF is converted using other software or saved to another format.

The Right Password

Improved PDF converters support pass protection with high standards. These won't crack the code on important documents which are carefully protected. Still, they will ask you to protect your document with a password.

If you ever receive a PDF file that has password protection, you better contact the creator who knows the password. You need to obtain the password before you try to convert or open the file. 

If you feel you are working with the PDF way slow, you better enable single-key shortcuts. For this, you will need to obtain help about PDF software and learn how to do this.

In most cases, you will need to open some sort of preference dialog box and enable it with a single click or press of a button. 

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