Free Games without WiFi You Wish You Knew Earlier

Free games without wifi or offline games, if you are searching for these terms from too long now and getting frustrated then I suggest you bookmark this page because here you will get what you want like no wifi games or in simple words games you can play without wifi. There are tons of free games that don’t need wifi which you wish you knew before.
I have seen people who are damn serious about life or surroundings or whatever it is and I personally don’t like them at all and if you are one of them, then I suggest you play games or I should say games with no wifi, do parties and chill because Games are the best way to reduce stress, anxiety. And when it comes to free no wifi games you can’t get rid of them. Games without internet help a lot when you want to think something very special and after playing new games you will get fresh and think from a new beginning.

Playing games is also good when you are getting bored; this is the best thing for time pass in youngsters nowadays in the world of social media.

But what if you get games you can play without wifi or games that don t need internet means you don’t have to charge for playing games because we have come across many games in which we have to give data charges for playing some attractive and good games. Some of the games have big in size too and thus it charges more data due to this internet is necessary for this purpose.

Even we know online games are expanding in the market very fast but it's upon user mainly because there is a number of fun games without wifi which is better than online games that don't need wifi.

Mainly some of the offline games have particular stages which don’t need any up gradation and some need some need to be upgraded at a particular time for different stages but after the update, they work like they before. So not the high use of internet used in such cases. So for some offline android games or offline iPhone games, we have to use the internet at some stage to update features but there are only a few percent of chances that game won’t work if we don’t upgrade, the game can be played finely if we don’t update them.

Apart from giving some offline games ideas this article have main concern with some important question to that,

What is the difference between online & offline games?

Why do we need Offline games?

and last important thing on which this article focus

Which are the best free games that don't need wifi or games without internet?

If you don’t want to read anything else games no wifi then you can skip below given 4-5 paragraphs and directly scroll down to the list of free games without wifi or free offline games.

What is the difference between online games & offline games?

Online Games

For online games first and foremost thing, you need an internet connection which accesses you to explore online which will have its own fun like you can play multiplayer games with different kind of people from different nations. But it also has one huge drawback that you cannot get internet connection everywhere so when you want to play games and getting bored but you can’t access the internet you will not able to play games.

Offline Games    

Offline games are known as wifi free games. You don’t need any internet connection where you don’t need any additional updates to download which doesn’t allow you to play games rather free offline games or no internet games can be played without any such things. Offline games or non wifi games also have the advantage that it doesn’t stop like online games when ads come automatically. But when you want to play multiplayer games it doesn’t allow you to do so. Offline games for free are best for single players but nowadays we have come across many games which allow you to play multiplayer with your very dearest friends in the small distance like 10-20m for some entertainment purpose.

There are lots of games I can play without wifi and I want to share with you. So let’s directly come to the list of free fun games to play without wifi.

Best free games that don’t need wifi or games without internet-

1. Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most popular and best games among all other games that don t need internet. And the thing which makes it best is that you can play offline. This game breaks the internet over huge of downloads, it is one of the most loved free offline game for Android and iPhone game without wifi as well. Developers also develop pc version of this game but it wasn’t quite popular.  For making gamers more excitement, the developer of this popular action game introduced Temple Run 2 recently. It is one of the best games to play without internet for mobile users.

free games without wifi

Temple Run 2 is just like temple run but it has more exciting features like save your character from even a bigger monkey by navigating through dangerous cliffs, zip lines, forests, and mines.

2. Flow Free

Flow free is also one of the best free games that don't need wifi. This is a puzzle game which likes by people who like skills but don’t like actions. These games are also good for mental exercise. 

free games without wifi

Flow Free is one of the most liked and downloaded offline puzzle game. To solve this game you need to pair all dots of different colors. Your score will depend upon how lesser numbers your moves. So I recommend you to try this one of the best no internet games once in your life for sure.

3. Mini Militia

The mini militia is one the most popular game nowadays with multiplayer access to among nearby friends without internet. It is an action game in which you have to kill enemies with different kind of guns it is liked by many gamers and it is quite popular in college events by conducting this game.

free games without wifi

Playing some iPad games without wifi is a really amazing experience. If you are an iPad user then you really should try free iPad games that don't require internet.

4. Candy Crush

You must have heard this name before or maybe even played it or might watch your friends playing it. Candy Crush Saga is a popular adventure through the Candy Kingdom which is played without an internet connection and played on android, ios and pc.

free games without wifi

It is one of the best games without a wifi connection. In this game, you will get score by moving candies to join them 3 or more in a row, either vertically or horizontally. Candy Crush Saga is a most popular among Facebook users too.

Must try these free games without wifi-

5. Angry Birds

Angry birds is that game in which you to throw birds to target and you will get a score. This is one of the most popular games for mobile users that don’t need wifi.
free games without wifi
In the year 2015 angry birds version 2 also came in fashion in which you will get Improved Graphics with more beauty and 80 New Levels in the Hamsterdam and Mississpiggy River chapters. So if you are searching for free games for a phone without internet then you should try this now, I’m sure it will not let you down.

6. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Do you love adventures or racing and stuff? If yes then stop reading and get this one of the best free games for Android tablet without internet now. I’m sure you will gonna thanks to me from the bottom of your heart if you will play this game for the first time.

This game rated as 4.7 stars on play store why because it gives an experience like never before.  This is my favorite in this list of free games that don't need wifi.
free games without wifi
Experience with some high-class performance in which you come across race in Nevada Desert to the Tokyo. As we all know young guys crave for dreams of luxuries cars which cannot afford. But in this game, you can experience more than 190 high-class cars beyond your thinking. Cars such as Lamborghini Veneno, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 911, Ducati Monster 1200, Bugatti Veyron and many more exciting things like 360-degree jump, nearly 40 high-speed breakers with different locations Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, with 9 seasons and 400 career modes.

So get ready to feel excitement which you felt never before in such games without internet.

7. Shadow Fight 2- Free offline games for Android

Shadow fight is the famous sequel of smash hit which is played by more than 40 million users. This game also deserves in my list of free games without wifi because it will not let you feel bored anytime you try it.

free games that don't need wifi

It is liked by people which like action and adventure. It consists of features of classical fighting by which you can kill your enemies with different techniques.

Apart from killing by armor and sword, you can also use kick, punch, jump. For some new feel, you can also customize a character, swords, armor suits, magical power and many, more things which are available in the game.

This game’s popularity you can see by its 100 million downloads huge number man and rated as 4.6 on play store that’s why it counts in one of the best wifi free games position.

Some more Games that don’t need internet -

 8. Gangstar Vegas - mafia game

 Be ready everyone for more action, adventure and fun because this game will make you a real hero of Vegas city which is drowning into sins of terror and mafia.

free games that don't need wifi

Roll your sleeves to fighting from rivalry gangs to tossing your luck into the casino. Everything which comes under the path of adventure this game feature all and definitely deserves a respected place in this list of games you can play without wifi.

You can have options to perform stunts, explore Vegas, access exciting weapons like Molotov cocktails, flamethrowers, an electric guitar and long-range sniper rifles. These all things make this game one of the liked and popular game among offline users. So this is one of the great free games no wifi needed at all.

 9. GT Racing 2

Do you like challenges, have you ever felt that you should drive cars like Ferrari, Nissan, Dodge, Audi, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz?

free games that don't need wifi

So here is your chance to feel real life experience with this offline game. In this game, you can test your driving skills on events like, Duels, classic Races, Knockouts and Overtakes like this more than 1300 events on 28 challenges every week where you get different weather conditions.

You can play this game on solo or multiplayer both. So if you are searing for no wifi games for android or free offline games for android then you should try this one.

10. Zombie World War

Have you ever thought those stories and humor you heard about zombies may come in a package of a game?

free games that don't need wifi

Yes, zombie world war is that offline game in which you can kill zombies with weapons like Ak-47, RPG, M4 like the number of striking guns where you get more than 20 different types of zombies in 126 levels.

This game is best for its graphics and it rated as 4.1 on play store with over 10 million downloads.

The best thing about these non wifi games is that these games you can play on airplane mode.

Why do we need Offline games or free games without wifi?

In present scenario many gaming industries developing a new type of games every day which give gamers some sort of attraction and new challenges which lead them to play with more fun but what if all these things may come in a single package?

Or in other words if you get all these games without wifi connection then it will be more convenient for you, isn’t it?

It does not lead to charge any additional packages and it will not effect on your internet connection. For gaming industries business expenditure also it is more helpful they can sell one game with different versions and stages so that it will be sort of excitement in users.

No internet games are also good for users like in the office and some sort of workplace where they need some break from everywhere they can play free games that don’t need internet rapidly. 

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