Tatkalforsure: A Tatkal Auto-booking Feature that Works like Magic

There was a time when IRCTC official website was a joke because it took ages to book a ticket. The site was incredibly slow that it was subject to numerous memes across social media. But things changed with time, Indian Railways took note of all this and worked on it. The site is much better now; its speed has improved. You can book a ticket without breaking a sweat. This is only about booking a regular ticket, and not tatkal. Booking a tatkal ticket is still a nightmare.

As trains are the easiest, the most convenient, and the most economical mode of transportation, the majority of Indians depend on trains. According to comScore and ASSOCHAM India report, IRCTC ranks first among the leading travel websites in India. One out of five users visits IRCTC on a daily basis and almost 30 million unique visitors monthly. The site gets heavily crowded between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., as this is the time IRCTC allows tatkal booking. The average number of tatkal tickets sold every day is a whopping 2.66 lakhs!

If you’ve ever booked a tatkal ticket, you would know how hard it is. It seems like a fight against time. Every second count. The difficulty of last minute travel plan is on one side and losing your tatkal ticket to someone who’s been faster than you by a fraction of second is another. Majority of the time is lost during filling in the details of the travel. If you don’t have a fast internet connection and your typing speed is not up to the mark, you will lose it. But then again, you are trying to book along with more than 2 lakh people. Fast internet connection and fast typing can only go to a certain extent. You need assistance beyond that. This is where “tatkalforsure” comes into the picture.

Owned and operated by Tatkal for sure, which has had some cool shopping related extensions to help users shop easily, tatkalforsure is a tatkal auto-booking feature. Using this, you can book a tatkal ticket within moments. All you have to do is use the IRCTC autofill option on the extension and enter your details (journey details, bank details, etc.). Even the Captcha is capitalized and the OTP is automatically submitted while going through payment. The next time you want to book a tatkal ticket, the auto-booking feature autofill your details for you and saves you those precious seconds.

There are many auto-booking features these days. Some of them are quite good and serve your purpose. The main ingredient for a tool like this to work well is the time. The faster it autofills your details the faster your ticket gets booked. In this regard, Tatkal for sure’s tatkalforsure works like magic. It hardly takes 30 seconds to complete the tatkal ticket booking process. It surely is a winner among many such similar chrome extensions.

Visit tatkalforsure to install the Chrome extension.

The best thing about tatkalforsure is its simplicity. It doesn’t goad you into reading line after line about how it works and what its benefits are. We all know what tatkal ticket booking is and we know what we want. What we don’t need are mundane explanations that waste our time and eye-stinging images on the screen. Team Tatkal for sure seems to clearly understand this. The tabs on tatkalforsure are self-explanatory: Generate Ticket, Enter New Trip Details, Create a New Trip, and the like. The layout neat, the process simple.

There is no other way to book a tatkal ticket except to go through the procedure mandated by IRCTC. All you can do is be a bit faster. Tatkalsorsure does just this and does it well.

There is no downside to this new feature. Except maybe, just maybe, they would come up with something that works even when the browser is not open; something that wakes up the browser by 10.45 a.m. and gets ready with the tool to book a ticket? In this age of technology and innovation, nothing is asking for too much, don’t you think?

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