29 Weird Websites You Didn't Know Existed [Secret]

Weird Websites, have you ever searched this term on Google?

If you haven’t searched this yet then you must be so damn busy person or else you don’t even know that these websites existed. Weird websites or strange websites are one of the best things on the Internet that most of the people don’t even know and if you are also one of them today you will get lots of reason to laugh awkwardly.

Weird Websites

So today in this post I will share an awesome weird websites list and I’m sure these funny websites will make your day and will never let you down. Have you ever tried facebook desktop site on your phone if not then you really should try this facebook full site login now and see how awesome it is?

NOTE- If you are a short tempered person or if you frustrate quickly then I really wanna suggest you not to open these crazy websites because there are the chances that you’ll break your phone or pc LOL.

Bookmark this page so that you can open up these weird sites on the internet directly without searching again & again.

The internet is a weird place be and you know this, okay if you don’t then you’ll get to know after visiting these stupid websites.

NOTE- Wait before going with the flow of these weird websites on the internet I just wanna suggest you that you’ll get addicted to these funny websites. So make sure to control yourself LOL.

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Sometimes I just get bored with the Internet because none of my friends are online or no one talking to me or I don’t have anything to do. So I just open up my Internet browser and go to my bookmarks and then just open my bookmarked weird sites.

My personal suggestion, if you are serious people or don’t usually laugh at jokes then make sure to try these strange websites for sure. Because people love funny people more than serious ones so don’t be a DAD LOL.

There are lots of weird internet sites or funny sites available on the Internet but only a few of them are really great but rest of all weird websites online are for just to waste your time.

But you don’t have to worry about it because I will share the most amazing website on the internet with you which you can’t forget in your life. These websites contain really weird stuff, you will see all the strangest things on the internet with these weirdest websites ever.

I’m sure you must be thinking, Oh! How much you’ll talk just shut up and take me to a weird website. Okay, cool down lets directly go to the best weird websites on the internet.

First of all, let’s see the top 10 weirdest websites which will make you go mad for sure!

Top 10 Weird Websites

Pointer Pointer

As I said weird sites don't make any sense but it will shock you for sure.

So what pointer pointer does is that whenever and wherever you move your cursor an image will load up.

What? Then whats the weird in this?

The weirdness in this crazy website is that the loaded image will point to your cursor.
Ya, that’s right every time you move your cursor an image will come up which will be pointing your cursor like this,

Weird Websites

Okay, you can’t believe it?

Then, Go and check it out. I’m sure you will be shocked.

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Press Spacebar

Do you know how many times you can press your keyboard's spacebar?

Oh okay so if you have never counted it yet then don’t worry let’s do it now. Ya right now!

No No you don’t have to count it, you just have to go to this the most amazing website on the internet and then just start hitting your spacebar.

Weird Websites

But wait for a second, my personal advice for you, don’t be too fast otherwise you’ll break your keyboard and then I’m not gonna pay for it.

Do you wanna know my score, it’s 63 in three tries LOL.

So it’s my challenge to break my record and let me know in the comments below about your score LOL, I’m eagerly waiting for your scores.

This is one of the best craziest websites I have ever seen that will not make you feel bored.

Rainy Mood

Do you love rains?

Oh okay, I got it, it’s a dumb question! Everybody loves rain.

But I love the rain voice also and it’s smell too, do you also like rain voice?

Then this website is for you.

Now you don’t have to wait for the rain to listen to that amazing voice.

Weird Websites

Ya obviously you can’t feel the rain within your computer you can feel the rain voice for sure.

So when you’ll go to this website, you can see the rain drops and can listen to the rain voice. And it 
fells really amazing.

I just loved this site and the best part about this site is that now it’s also available for iPhone.

I should have not added this website to weird websites list because of it really cute and it makes sense but just to let you know that this site exists on the Internet and can make your mood I thought I should add this up.

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Do you sleep late at night?

Most probably you do sleep late, so this site is for you.

I really personally recommend you to check this awesome website once,
Weird Websites

All you have to do is just open this website and then it will ask you to access your camera. If you allow it then it I will tell you to off the lights. So off your light or you can simply block your camera by your phone but I suggest you to off the light once to feel it.

And then, no I will not tell you more.

I want you to feel this amazing site.

I have seen tons of strangest things on the internet but this one is the best among all other weird websites.


Okay so you don’t have anyone to chat with, no you are wrong!

Your computer will never leave you alone, just go and talk to your computer.

Weird Websites

Okay so you are thinking I’m mad, actually, it’s not your problem because everyone will think the same like you if they hear this.

But it’s true, I have talked for half an hour nonstop with my laptop and the best thing I love about it is that the speed of reply is insane, I got replies in one sec after hitting the enter.

So I also suggest it to you, so go and give it a try.

It will be your best friend soon.. ;)


Do you like dogs?

Okay, I like them too or I should rather say I just love them <3

Weird Websites

I love to see cute puppies or dogs and if you also then this website is for you.

You can see lots of cute little puppies running on this website.

Yes, this is kind of weird website because it doesn’t make any sense (you’ll get to know after opening it).

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The Quiet Place Project

Sometimes I just need a quiet place so that I can talk to myself.

Do you also need a quiet place?

Then this website is for you. This website will give you all you want mostly the inner peace.

Weird Websites

You can also read the people review about this website there.

So you should give this one a try.

If you think this doesn’t suit in this weird sites or funny sites list then let me know in the comment, I’ll delete it from here.

Zoom Quilt

Have you ever seen a photo on which you can zoom till your last breath and the pixels won’t fade?

No, I sure not.

Weird Websites

But Zoom Quilt is nothing about a photo, I should say it’s a word inside your pc. You can zoom the much you want now we can say till infinity, just keep zooming in and you will see tons of new stuff and everything looks pretty real.

I’m sure you will be shocked by looking at this one, so come on give this a try right now!


Do you know He Man?

Oh, what a dumb question but have you ever seen him singing?

Weird Websites

Look at this website it will make your day for sure.

You will have to enable adobe flash player to listen to the awesome He-Man song.

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No, it’s not over yet, there are lots more than these 10 weird websites so keep enjoying these funny sites and strange websites too.

The Nicest Place on the Internet

 Sometimes whenever I feel sad or lonely I just go to my mom or my friend’s or if I am alone & feeling sad then I just go to this cutest website on the internet.

Hugs are the best treatment, so this is what you will get on this website.

Weird Websites

Yes, you will get unlimited free hugs on this website which will make your feel Aww.

This is one of the best weird websites on the internet or I really don’t wanna call this one a weird site, this is just cute. This may be one of those world's most useless websites but it can make your day or can also make your day.

The Zombie Dance

Do you like zombies?

Oh, okay I got it LOL.

I’m sure this will be on the top if I make a list of crazy websites.

Weird Websites

You must have seen strange moves of zombies but have you ever thought of zombie dance?

Ya, they can dance too.

Okay, yea it’s hard to believe, so come-on lets enjoy the dance party on this one of the best strange websites you have ever seen.

There are lots of weird websites on the internet but this one is really on the top of all those weird sites.


“Patience is the key to success”, I’m sure you must have listened to this once in your life.
But do you have patience?

Oh! No everyone says Ya I have patience Bro.

Weird Websites

Let’s check you have the patience or not?

All you have to do is to open up this website and then, then I’ll not say what will happen after that.
So go check it out and let me know you have the patience or not according to this website.

This is one of the best fun websites you should use and should suggest your friends too.

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Do you love drawing?

Oh okay if yes then you must have tried drawings on the white board, it feels funny.

But have you ever tried sketching with words or lines?

Weird Websites

Okay, I’m sure you are damn confused, so just go to this crazy website then you will get to know what I’m talking about.

All you have to do is just right any name or line in the text field on top right side, that’s all.

The Faces of Facebook

Do you know that you can see all the Facebook users profile photos all together?

But what’s weird in this?

The weird thing in this on the great weird sites is to find you in this huge photo.

So give yourself a try, let’s see can you find yourself in this photo or not.

Eel Slap

Have you ever imagine slapping someone on the face with the eel?

Weird Websites

Ya, it sounds really weird, but yeah it’s awesome.

With this strange website, you can slap a person from an eel.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and slap?


Whenever I feel bad or angry and want to shout so bad like noooooooooo but as you know we can’t just shout everywhere then I just open up this funny website and it will do the rest of the work.

Weird Websites

All you have to do is just connect your head phones with your pc or mobile and click as many time as you can, that’s all. It will make you feel calm asap. So if you are searching for weird websites then make sure to this one a try.

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I Look Like Barack Obama- useless websites

You must have seen my photos on this site, Do I look like Barack Obama?

Ya, I know I don’t and what about you do look like Barack Obama?

Okay, so you also don’t look like him.

Weird Websites

I’m sure you must be thinking this website is made by a man who looks like Barack Obama but you are wrong this time.

This funny site is made by a common man who doesn’t even look like Obama but says that he looks like him. That’s what made me add this site to my weird website's list.

You can also invite him to your birthday parties or any other party if you want. Ya, I’m not kidding he said that you can invite me too.

This is one of the best among all other funny sites on the Internet.


Do you love to travel?

Ya, everybody loves to but sometimes we have budget issues or sometimes we have a time issue.

But don’t worry this useless website will help you to travel the world just like you are traveling for real.

Weird Websites

When you go to this website, it will show you any random place with a 360-degree camera means you can rotate the camera or view all around yourself.  You can also move forward or backward with your keyword or mouse.

You can also change the place or street by the options given on homepage.

Flight Radar24

This is basically not a weird website but it looks like the weird website because we don’t have to do anything with it.

This website will show you all the airplanes which are flying right now worldwide.

You can also check the information on any flight just by clicking on the flight, you can also see the route of the flight.

There are tons of strange websites or weird websites available on the Internet but Flight Radar is not that much weird but it’s strange for sure.

Endless Horse

This is one of the world's most useless websites for sure.

You must have seen too long articles which are even hard to scroll to the bottom but have you ever seen any image which you scroll down?

Weird Websites

Ya, this website has a simple image of Horse and when we scroll down with the mouse we can see the legs of the horse will never end.

Just keep scrolling down and the legs will keep increasing.

There are lots of useless websites available on the Internet which you will regret why you have opened it LOL and this site is one of them.

Falling Falling

You must have seen lots of thing falling down, but the things will fall down in a few seconds and stops on the ground.

But have you ever seen anything which falls down but never reaches to the ground?

Weird Websites

Ya, I’m also sure it’s not possible on earth but this website makes it real.

Okay, I can’t tell anything much about it so just go and see what it does and I’m sure you will be shocked with it.

This is one of the great funny websites for boredom.

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Zombo- useless websites

There are lots of weird websites have made till now but Zombo is the weirdest websites ever made till now.

If I will make a list of weird websites or funny websites or strange websites or crazy websites or even useless websites and unusual websites then Zombo will be on the top for sure.

Weird Websites

When you’ll open up this website you will not see anything just three balls are moving in a fixed pattern but the thing which makes it weird is the voice.

You will just have to listen to voice of the man, it keeps saying,

“Welcome to Zombocom, this is zombocom, welcome, yes welcome to zombocom.

Yes, this is zombocom and you have came on zombocom.

You can do anything at zombocom, the only limit to yourself is you.

Welcome to zombocom, yes I welcome you to zombocom.

Everything is possible……”

And it keeps saying these lines again and again,

My personal suggestions if you are a seriously angry person then don’t open this site otherwise you will gonna break your phone or PC off if you are a funny guy then this will make you laugh on its weirdness for sure.


Do you believe the hypnotize stuff or something like that?

 Okay so if you don’t believe on this then give this useless website a try.

Weird Websites

Relax, it’s not scary at all. When you will open this weird website you will see a Hypno-toad sitting and you can hear an annoying noise.

I can’t say much about this funny website or I would rather say strange website, so you should go and check it by yourself.

I believe that this is one of the world's most useless websites ever made till now and pointless website too LOL.

Snap Bubbles

So this is kind of nice website but still, comes in my list of best weird websites or I will say funny websites.

So sometimes when we buy anything new especially a glass thing then it comes in a bubble wrap,
Or sometimes we get gifts that are wrapped in bubble wrap which I can’t stop myself to snap them.

Weird Websites

And I’m sure you also have done in once in your life but no need to wait for the gift you can snap as much as bubbles as you can with your PC or phone and it feels kind of like real bubbles.

So if I will make a list of best funny websites on the internet then I will add this on the top for sure.

So you should give this a try once in your life or you can also suggest this to your little cute friends.

Jello Time

Do you like Jellies?

Okay so wanna eat it?

Okay, I think I can offer it to you right now, yea I’m not kidding.

Weird Websites

Just go to this website and see your Jelly is waiting there for you.

This is one of the best among all other funny websites for boredom. So if you are looking for some of the best weird websites on the internet then this is for you.

Ninja Flex

Oh my god what the fish is that?

When I opened this website in 5 seconds I was like WTF..!!

Weird Websites
How can someone make a website like this?

This is website crosses all the limits of weird websites and strange websites.

No, I will surely not add this in funny websites list nor in crazy websites.

Yes, I will surely call this one world's most useless websites and pointless website also.

If you have ever searched this on Google take me to a pointless website then this website is for you.

No, I will not say anything about this website because I also want you to open up the most useless website and feel what I have felt LOL.

I have never seen the weird web like this, this is the weirdest websites ever and I don’t even wanna think about it again in my life LOL.

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Staggering Beauty

Do you know you can control worms?

Oh! I think you are wrong.

Weird Websites

Yes, you can control worms but wait a sec, not in real life I’m talking about the Internet stuff.

You can control or make the worm dance according to you, all you have to do is just open up this weird cool website and move your cursor that’s all.

You’ll see that a worm will move along with your cursor.

Ya, I know this doesn’t make any sense but how can you except today we will talk about sense.

Feed the Head

If you wanna try something new something that can pass your time then you should try this strange site.

I have seen lots of weird sites or funny sites but this one is something I can say one of the best crazy websites I have ever seen.

Weird Websites

When you will open up this crazy site you will see a man's face, you just have to take your mouse on his face and just click here and there, then you will see lots of creepy things will start happening to him like his mind will open up like a window LOL.

This is kind a game which can help you to pass your time when you are alone otherwise you have a huge list of weird sites today so go and choose any one if you are free.


Actually, I just don’t wanna say anything about this website because I want to also feel the height of weirdness. 

After opening this website I was like OMG I’ll not gonna use the internet again in my life.

I don’t know why people make these types of weird websites, I mean it’s not like funny websites or not even strange websites. It’s just I’m blank.

I can’t even imagine what’s the purpose of this website and I don’t think it has any purpose but if you find that purpose then please let me know in the comments below (I’m will really gonna thank you for that LOL).


Have you ever opened a gate?

Oh! Ya I know that was a dumb question, but is this ever happened to you like when you open a gate a new gate comes and when you open the new gate and another gate comes up.

Weird Websites

Okay, I guess you are not understanding it, so you should check this funny website.
There are lots of funny websites available on the internet but this one also comes in the list of strange websites with funny too.

I don’t know what the purpose behind this weird website but if you know then let me know what it is.

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That’s all!

Final Words-

I hope you have enjoyed this list of weird websites and strange websites. Most of these funny websites are really funny which you can’t even imagine.

There are lots of funny sites available on the Internet but these weird sites are just awesome.

Most of these are useless websites but it will surely help you when you are having a boring day.

I have searched lots of weird websites on the internet then I have found these funny websites for boredom and then completed this list of weird websites on the internet.

So if you enjoyed this weird website's list then please share this post with your friends and family.

And yes, don’t forget to let me know which your favorite weird websites are?

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