4 Tips for Achieving the Best Possible Internet Connection

There are many ways of improving an internet connection. It can be about our PC, the type of internet connection that we choose, and the provider that we go for and the services that they offer. For instance, we could explore xfinity internet to see what they can offer. Briefly, that is unlimited data, millions of Wi-Fi hotspots, and installation on the same day. If we want to boost our internet speeds quickly, then it is entirely possible within a short space of time. 

In the meantime, here are some ways that may make your internet faster and life easier. Not that there is a substitute for having a good provider and contract that suits all your internet needs. Internet speeds and reliability are primarily the responsibility of our internet provider. However, there are things that we can do to help ourselves improve the speed and reliability of our connection, apart from keeping moving rooms with our laptop to find a spot that works best. 

Opt for a Faster Broadband 

With broadband technology having replaced dial-up technology in most parts, we can look forward to a faster and more reliable internet connection. 

 It is good to know that apart from opting for a package that offers more speed, we can have Wi-Fi, so that internet is available to us in different rooms. Some services specifically offer a range that will cover multiple rooms and so should provide better reception. 

The main advantage of opting for fibre optic internet or fibre broadband will be increased internet speeds. With this will be greater reliability in terms of your connection. If you are currently experiencing throttling, where the power goes out just when you need it most, then you can benefit from fibre broadband. Also, with this faster and more reliable option comes the same speed whether you are uploading or downloading. 

It is important to make sure that you have the right internet package for your needs. 

RAM Capacity 

The RAM capacity of a computer or tablet can impact internet speeds. The higher your RAM (Random Access Memory), then the quicker it will seem when your computer moves between functions while you are online. You can open applications much faster when you have greater RAM. It is worth checking that your computer is up to the job before looking to your internet connection and provider as the cause of your computer lagging behind everyone else’s in terms of its internet performance. 


A VPN has the potential to slow down an internet connection if you get the wrong one. It is a more secure and private way to access the internet but can cause problems with gaming. This is unless you go for a gaming VPN. This will mean that your VPN will not be blocked by the game that you are trying to play. Also, a gaming VPN will offer faster speeds. 

The Position of Router and Server Boxes 

The difference between a router and a server is that the server will make information available online, whereas a router will route information between places. That is one place to another. 

The internet signal will generally be better the nearer you are to your router box. This applies even with Wi-Fi. Also, make sure that your box is not obscured by anything to interfere with the signal. If you can, use an Ethernet connection instead of a Wi-Fi one. Then shorten the cable length as much as possible for improved connectivity. Temporarily unplugging your router or modem can increase your internet speed. 

In terms of the position of a server box, there should be enough room left all around it for airflow. It is also considered best in the centre of a building where possible. It is not thought to be an advantageous position to have it along an outside wall unless above the 3rd floor of a building. Server rooms should not have external windows and even internal windows should be avoided. This applies to a business situation, so do not worry too much about your home setup, except that you can avoid having your server, and indeed a router, surrounded by clutter. 

The above should help you to improve your internet speeds. Then consider how much better still it could be with another provider offering a different kind of internet service. A faster and more reliable internet service than you have right now.

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