MilesWeb Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting Review: It is Worth for Your Business Website?

Today, we are living in the modern world of fast paced technology and the growing complexities in the technology comprises of options for both businesses and individuals for developing their own websites for increasing customer traffic interest. But there are certain limitations on the achievement of a privately owned website with the help of right idea, right mindset and a high-performance web hosting service. 

Moreover, web hosting enables individuals or businesses to post their websites on the greater world wide web. A web host plays a key role in any website’s existence and every site is stored in a large data bank called as a “server” by the web host. When you plan to start a website, you need to search for the right web host.

However, cloud hosting is a different form of web hosting that makes use of virtual servers via the extensive “cloud” storage of the internet. Cloud hosting has already become a popular platform for large businesses and offers several benefits too.

 Cloud Hosting vs. Web Hosting

The basic difference between cloud hosting and web hosting is that in cloud hosting several virtual servers are used for providing hosting service to websites. In normal web hosting, just a single physical server is used. To make it simple, websites hosted on web hosting service are run on the same server and use the same resources on that server (such as storage, space and bandwidth). Websites on cloud hosting server make use of different servers for delivering the highest possible quality and speed. 

Web hosting has always most favored and popular form of hosting service and is still considered for the lowest price on average. Generally, web hosting services are either offered on a smaller scale offering services for a single web page or a free domain with limited functionality or larger scale, offering hosting services that need to be paid for and support various websites.

Cloud hosting servers are speedily getting popular via the internet due to its useful and superior benefits which offer more efficiency to the website owners.   

The basic features of cloud hosting include:

  • High uptimes
  • Improved support
  • Faster bandwidths
  • More reliability
  • Increased resources

Because cloud server hosting works in real time, when there is some issue on one server, it can be isolated and your website can be moved to a more efficient server in seconds. On cloud server there is overall distribution of website resources, which means that a single server is not getting overloaded by the number of websites that may be hosted on it. For instance, if one website on a shared server gets traffic spike, all websites on that server may experience decreased efficiency. Cloud hosting companies using multiple servers, don’t have this issue.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an award winning web hosting company based in India. Since 2012, they have been offers affordable and reliable web hosting solutions to all types of businesses and web professionals. There are a wide-range of web hosting plans offered by MilesWeb that covers various businesses and web professionals. Their team focuses on offering quality services at affordable pricing. Being an independent web hosting company, they cater over 20,000 customers online. 

Managed AWS Hosting Plans


Features of Managed AWS Cloud Hosting

Free AWS Server Migration: MilesWeb team has a vast experience in migrating websites. They will migrate your website for free with complete data security. They ensure that there isn’t any downtime while the migration is done.  

AWS Certified Team: MilesWeb has AWS experts that have been certified by AWS team. Their experts have the idea of enhancing your AWS server for making it a more powerful, secure and hassle-free platform. 

Time-Saving: The server related tasks such as patching, updates or daily operations needed for managing AWS are handled by their team.

24/7 Available Support: Their team is available round the clock to help you at any hour. They are available 24/7 for your AWS related queries.

Server Monitoring: For keeping your AWS server up and running at topmost extent, they keep a track on the traffic spikes, malware and infections and other issues. 

Optimization and Growth: For enhancing the AWS services, they improve your AWS server for performance, security and expenditure.  

Increased Productivity: Instead of worrying about your AWS cloud platform administration, let your team work on their daily tasks which they are best at such as developing products, making profits and helping customers. 

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MilesWeb’s AWS managed cloud hosting plans are the best if you want high reliability and flexibility. They have an idea about the challenges that you might face while growing your business and they will also help you to manage those. MilesWeb team will guide you through the complete process of AWS server setup and so you can completely trust them right from the start to the end during the cloud transformation.

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