Main Tips How to Use Facebook to Increase Website Traffic

Are you wondering why most marketers are focusing more effort on driving traffic from Facebook? You shouldn’t be surprised at this anyway. Facebook has a large user-base and also drives more traffic to blogs and websites than any other platforms. 

Use Facebook to Increase Website Traffic

However, not all brands or blogs have the budget for paid traffic. So if you fall within this category, then chances are that you are looking for a cost-effective and better opportunity to boost traffic to your blog or website. According to AceMyPaper professionals, more traffic enhances your chances of making money. And it’s what every brand wants.

So if you are ready to learn, here are simple tips you can implement to increase website traffic from Facebook. 

1. Use The Right Visual Contents

How much value do you attach to visual contents? If you only pay more attention to texts, now is the time to switch sides. The quality of images you use on posts, which will eventually get shared on Facebook, does matter a great deal. Posts with high-quality photos tend to have more engagements. 

The engagements in question include areas like comments, likes, shares, and clicks. So learn to use images properly when drafting your articles. You can also decide to use free or paid images. It doesn’t matter. Just make sure the image matches the content. In other words, it should give the readers hints on what the article is about even before clicking on your link. 

Another thing you should focus on is the image size. If you want your image to look good and eye-catching on Facebook, make sure the dimension is 1200 by 628. 

2. Use Compelling Headlines

Let’s assume you have succeeded in drafting a killer content. You have included enough facts and sources, and ensure it’s simple to read. Well, bravo! You have done well and deserved recognition. But it’s one thing to write a killer article, and another thing for readers to consume your content. 

The bottom line is the title of your article will determine if readers will click to read further or not. So make sure you write a powerful and compelling title if you want to increase traffic to your blog. 

Below Are Ideas On How You Can Draft Killer Titles.

 Take a look at what others in your genre have done. You don’t have to copy their titles. Just see how they drafted theirs and use the idea for yours.
Ensure your title is exciting. It should send a signal of excitement when you read it after drafting. In this case, see yourself as the reader or visitor, not the writer.
Now take a look at the title; do you feel excited and compelled to click on the link to read the article? Remember, it’s your article title and image that will be displayed on Facebook when your post gets shared on the platform, not the body of your content.  
Make the title of your article a breeze to remember. Again, you should also use strong wordings. 
Include the critical keywords in your title. 
Write many titles for one post and check each of them to determine their scores. You can use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to determine that. 
 Remember that writing a compelling headline or title for your post is essential. It can help to boost traffic to your website. So do not only spend time to draft quality articles. Invest time on the headlines too. 

3. Link To Your Site

Let’s be very clear on this aspect; your link on Facebook does not pass any link juice; neither is it a do-follow link. But having your links imbedded in your personal or brand’s Facebook profile can increase traffic to your blog. 

It seems good to be true, right? But that’s because you haven’t tried it. Most people would like to know more before doing business with you. And having your link placed on your Facebook page will help to point them in the right direction. 

To include your link on Facebook, visit the “About Us” section. You will find numerous opportunities to include relevant links to your website. You can edit the personal information section and embed your link at the end. 

There are other areas on your Facebook that you can add links to your websites. You have to look for them and add relevant links to your site. It’s an opportunity for you to link to your best post on Facebook, so take advantage of it. 

4. Use Live Video Contents

Video marketing can benefit your business in diverse ways. It can help to attract leads, drive brand awareness, get traffic to your website, and cause you to make sales. But using video contents isn’t all about posting videos here and there. One simple tragedy whose results can be too big to ignore is live video. 

So, if you want to send more traffic to your website, take it upon yourself to start creating live videos. This type of content tends to receive more comments and searches than texts. You will also get more eyes to view your videos and use voice CTA to get them to take action. In fact, the impact this can have on your business and website ranking can be massive. You can use it to drive traffic to your site. 

It’s also a breeze to create live videos on Facebook. Just visit your Facebook page manager app to get started.  


Traffic is everything in business. Think about this, will you be able to record massive sales if you had just two persons visit your store physically, daily? 

Out of the two individuals, one or none of them might even decide to make a purchase. But when you have more visitors, you are sure of raking in more sales. 

So traffic means a lot in business. 

That’s why many brands break the bank to boost theirs. But the good thing is that even if you don’t have the financial power for that, you can still increase traffic to your blog. Follow the tips highlighted in this post to achieve that. 

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