HeckEaseUS Todo Backup Home Review

No matter what computer or laptop you hold, these devices are always prone to accidents that can cause data loss of your important files and folders. We haven't yet developed to a large extent that we can be 100% assured of no data loss. Anyways, even if such great technology comes or not, we should take precautionary measures to protect our data in cases of accidents.

 To protect the important data of your computer, you can take backups of certain files or the whole system too. Once needed, you can easily restore the backups. All this will ensure that in case of any accidents like human error, virus attack, etc your data won't go anywhere. In this article, we will be reviewing one of the best and most advanced backup software for your computer that will keep your data secured and protected every time.

Features Of The Program :

1) Full Backup

EaseUS TodoBackup Home is known for its amazing service of backing up whole system or certain files as you prefer. Few may feel that to backup a whole hard drive or system would be complex and time consuming, but in reality it's totally opposite of it. No matter what you backup, the procedure can be performed in the most smoothest and fastest manner possible.

2) System Backup

Many of the backup software out there in the market have a lot of limitations but when it comes to the EaseUS Software we feel that it has everything that an advanced data backup software would require. It will also let you perform backup of your whole system in one go which will to come to rescue when there's a system failure or something similar.

3) File Backup

As the name suggests, you will be able to create backups of your phots, videos, audios, network shares files, and various types of files and folders. This feature is also quite simple and straightforward like others.

4) Outlook Email Backup

Very few softwares offer the option to backup your emails. In this software, you can easily take the backup of your whole emails through the Outlook email backup feature.

5) Disk/Partition Backup

It makes it possible to create the HDD and SSD backups quite easily in today's time, all thanks to EaseUS Todo Backup. If you want to create changes in your disk like upgradations or replacements then create the backup of your whole disk or system.

6) Cloud Backup

This feature also made this software one of our favourites. Other than just your regular computer files, emails, folders, etc, the program is capable of creating backups to effective cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, etc.

Pricing :

The program has a straightforward pricing scheme, not getting you confused in any manner.
·       Current Version - Supports single license for 1 PC & free technical service.
·       Lifetime Upgrades - Supports single license for 1 PC, lifetime free technical service and free upgradations on every latest version.


·       Simple to operate, thanks to effective user interface
·       Easily schedule data backups
·       Various options to form backups including systeb backup, file backup, etc.
·       Clone your HDD
·       Supports all latest Windows versions.
·       Create split ups of your backup.
·       Easy and fast restoration


·       A few lags in some outdated Windows versions.

Conclusion :

This was our take on one of the most efficient and effective data backup software out there in the market. All of the above views are our personal opinions and it may vary with your thinking. Thus, it's advised to try out the program once for yourself and if you find worth it, then you can go ahead and purchase it.

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