5 Worst Practices to Avoid with Cloud Hosting

Every enterprise thriving in the world is moving towards reliable, cost-efficient, and secure technology solutions. That is why we see a surge in businesses, irrespective of their sizes and domain, opting for Cloud Hosting to improve their online business. 

Having said that, there are also a lot of businesses who end up with a bad experience with Cloud webhosting.
That’s why it is always advisable to avoid some obvious mistakes before jumping onto the trending hosting bandwagon.

1. Taking a Hasty Decision

You would think twice and ask questions even before you buy a credit (which is supposedly an easier decision). Then why not research well before you decide on a hosting solution? Start by asking yourself a few questions that would help you take an intelligent decision-
  • Do you have the budget for migration?
  • What kind of tech resources do you have now and how much more will you need?
  • What are you expecting out of the hosting solution?
  • Does the security standards of cloud solutions comply with your business needs?
2. Not Choosing the Right Hosting Plan

There are hundreds of Cloud Hosting Providers available in the market, each with their best offerings in terms of price, services, resources etc. However, the onus is on you to decide which plan is able to solve your problem and meet your business needs. Check with your tech team if you need infrastructure, service, or platform, or all, or a combination of any two. Accordingly, you should seek the help of a hosting provider who offers maximum benefits. You can also consult your prospective provider and lay out your concerns about security, the kind of data centers they have, the services included in the plan, and so on.

3. Considering Cost as the Only Factor

Cost is definitely an important driving factor for any business decision. And hosting service is not different. Although Cloud Hosting makes for a cost-efficient alternative than traditional hosting, it might not be cost-effective for you unless you know up front what you are getting in return. Also taking an operational decision based on the thought that it could be either too expensive or not at all, might not be the most prudent one.

4. Choosing the Wrong Hosting Platform

Depending on the type of your business and the kind of data that you deal with, you should decide if you need the dedicated resources of a private cloud or public cloud environment. People often take up a private cloud hosting service and regret spending extra budget and taking the responsibility of managing the platform by themselves, whereas the site might not even need such a dedicated service in the first place. Similarly, many choose to be on a public platform and later realize that their site data needs more security. Of course, you can migrate from one service to the other but it can cost you a lot of time, higher budget, and unnecessary hassle.

5. Not Assessing Your Resources

This mostly applies to the personnels that manages your tech infrastructure. Cloud Hosting is a new territory and if you don’t have the required skill set in your current team, you might need to engage new resources. Without the right skills and tech capabilities, your cloud migration might not turn out fruitful.

Summing up…

It is indeed not an easy decision to take. That is why you should always do your homework, talk to experts and assess your own requirements before signing the dotted line.

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