Is Cryptocurrency a Bubble and Should I Invest?

Each time there is a rise in the value of cryptocurrencies there are many people who say there is a
bitcoin bubble waiting to burst. When the values drop they say we told you there was a bubble and it
would burst.


The thing is cryptocurrencies keep recovering. Although values might not reach the all-time highs the
once were, this could be a sign of maturity as precisely the same thing was gone through with the
dotcom bubble and look how that has left businesses in a much more stable position.

Is it worth the Risk?

There are many alternative coins which can be a great investment alternative rather than just having a
focus on BTC. These although not as valued as high can bring lots of investment opportunities as some are second and third generation cryptocurrencies which aim to fix the fundamental flaws which are found in bitcoin.

There are tons of investment opportunities available but it always comes to how much you want to risk. Usually people in their 40's or 50's don't preffer to take higher risk investment options but people who are just starting their job life can prefer higher risk long term investment options like stock market or mutual funds etc. Best thing about these type of investment is that you can calculate your ROI easily and keep an close eye on you stocks performance. You can use online stock market calculator or any other freely available tool to check the effectiveness of your investment.

Litecoin being the first example which was created as a faster and cheaper alternative than BTC, even
though it is valued way below BTC it had seen an 8200% rise in value toward the back end of 2017.

Another altcoin on the market that is attracting a lot of attention is Ripple. This being a real-time gross settlement system where groups of servers are used to validate transactions.

XRP is also part of a remittance network which would compete against many third party institutions
which are currently in operation although cumbersome and expensive to send money on a global scale.

These are two examples of many which are offering the same kind of services. If it would be a choice
whether to invest in something along these lines, it might be better to find a better alternative. This
being said.

These two coins can provide stability in what can be the best cryptocurrency portfolio which covers all areas.

When is the right Time?

As BTC is number one, there has to be a number two, and this is the same coin it has been for a while.

Ethereum being based on a Blockchain offers smart contracts to end users compared to only being a
financial transaction service.

As with BTC, its price has risen in value, but it has a long way to reach the value of BTC. That being said, it might be something it can never do, although with massive amounts of investments being made its price could soar.

Monero is another coin which comes from another angle and has been popular as it focuses on privacy which appeals many top individuals.

As it only deals with security and fungible coins on the surface, it might not be an excellent option for long-term investment opportunities. This is not to say in the short term that it won’t be able to provide significant returns. Individuals want what it offers from its service, so it is as popular as any other coin out there.

Is there a coin to invest in before it gets known?

This question is asked day i9n and day out. The answer could be any coins that are created and are yet to have an ICO or have something precious to offer as a service. First and second generation cryptos will struggle for longevity as there are looming factors.

This is net neutrality and how ISP’s will view the internet from a cryptocurrency standpoint and also data protection. Each day governments are attempting to find out a bit more of an individual’s online activity.

One coin which is doing something very different is Skycoin. The developers here took a significant step back. This coin isn’t new and has been in development since 2012. This might appear slow although when you see what they are undertaking to achieve, you can see why they have taken their time.

Satoshi had an original vision of decentralized currency. In a way, Bitcoin is, although as there are three mining pools which account for most of the world’s mining.

SKY has made sure there is no mining and transactions are much more in line with the original vision.

This vision for decentralization of the internet has also been realized as Sky and Skywire are in the steps of introducing their take on a new web.

They are offering a fully secure mesh-network which will be safe from attacks and can scale much better than BTC and many other cryptocurrencies. In fact the more extensive the network, the better.

All this has yet to make a splash. What it does do though is show new technologies and cryptocurrencies are coming out, so these coins, on the whole, are not a bubble, and if you were cautious and choose the best coins for a well-balanced portfolio, there has never been a better chance.

As with any crypto, if the significant investors have their attention grabbed, it is all the more reason to be careful.

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