Reverse Phone Lookup Services: Free [Keep Secret]

Reverse phone lookup services are the most searched services nowadays because it's quite intriguing to get a missed call from someone whom you don't recognize. This creates a sense of dilemma within a person-which makes it hard for one to decide whether or not to call the number back. However, with the advancement of technology, it is easier to get adequate information about the caller within minutes. So if you want to know whose number is this free with name then keep reading this article.

Reverse Phone Lookup Services

You must have asked yourself this question, whose number is this calling me? If it happens to you daily then this article will help you because today I will share some of the best ways to search free phone number lookup by name.

Reverse Number Lookup is a cutting-edge technology that ideally finds the Information that matches the received phone number or simply phone number search technique. 

Sounds Easy right? 

Well, it's not that easy. 

Before we had a high-speed internet connection, there was a time when Books were effectively written and published by the Phone Companies which pretty much did the same thing as that of the current Reverse Phone Lookup Free does. Instead, the information was available physically not digitally. Plus, it was hard to allocate the published books, since the books were to be bought from Police Stations and other Legal/Government Organisations. Now that we have gone through the primal stage of free phone number lookup and it's working, here is how Reverse Phone Lookup services works digitally. 

First off, locating a Landline number is easier than the Cell phone number. 

Free reverse phone number lookup with Google

For locating a Landline number, free reverse phone number lookup with Google will help you, all you have to do is search the number on Google and the Google Phonebook will select the best-fit match among the better ones. Then the Unique-Telephone Number owner's Name and Address will be shown, as simple as it gets. The difference between the Landline Number and the Cellphone Number is that the Cellphone numbers are issued by an individual company rather than by an interlocking system, hence the difficulty in locating the number.

Fear not, top-notch Phone Lookup organizations have got you covered. 

There are numerous instant phone lookup free sites that provide information in a flash. The said organizations collect a large number of databases from data brokers, cell phone carrier companies, public information-that they sell for a specific fee. These sites give their subscribers millions of public record so as to locate the required caller. 

Now that we have glimpsed through the working, it's time to shed some light on some of the major cell phone number lookup providers. 

Best reverse phone lookup services 


I'm sure you have already heard this name or may be used it because its really most popular reverse phone search provide nowadays. If you simply want to trace or check the name and the location of an unknown number this TrueCaller is the best app or website you can use. 

free reverse phone lookup services

I personally use Truecaller app on my phone and it works pretty amazingly. If you don't want to install the app then you can simply go to the website and check the number for free.
The best part of this reverse phone lookup service app is available for Android, iOS, Windows and every other common device. 

It has approx more than three billion numbers on its database. 

To use this reverse directory all you have to do is go to create a free account with your email address and that all, you are ready to check numbers.


This is one of the best free reverse phone number lookup with Google but only for US phone number lookup.

free reverse phone lookup services

This sites also has some additional information's or features like we can search the data buy the phone number owner, and yeah we can search for people too, just need to put the name, city, and state and you'll get all info about them.

The best part of this free phone number lookup is that you don't need to worry about your privacy, anything you search will be 100% confidential for sure. 

Steps for free phone number search with People Finder-
  • First of all obviously go to the PeopleFinder website.
  • Now just paste or write the number you want to search In the provided reverse cell phone lookup box, then hit that search button.
  • Now within few seconds, you will get your desired info.
  • You will also see a Google map indicating the current location of the phone number.

Reverse Phone Lookup-

This is one of the top reverse phone lookup site which helps you find all the information you want to know about any number. You can check the phone number owner name, email address, location and it also shows any criminal records related to this number. 

This site has a great database like it stores more than 3Billion phone numbers. I have tested this site and found that it is more accurate with telephone numbers then phone numbers. 


It is one of the great completely free reverse phone lookup with name we have nowadays. The interface of this website is really simple, all we have to do is just write the number in the free phone number search box and within few seconds you will get the results in front of you.

free reverse phone lookup services

One another great feature of this site is that we can search the people with their name and city.

This site also has a paid version, it provides some extra data but I guess the free version is sufficient for any personal use. The paid version is of 0.95$, Ya it's really cheap!


PhoneRegistry is totally free reverse cell phone lookup with name you can try right now.
If you want to know, whose number is this calling me? then this site if all you need. You can search unlimited phone numbers on this sites for free, it has a great database with more than 500million numbers.

free reverse phone lookup services

One of the best features of this cell revealer site is that you will be alerted with the criminal numbers or any illegal numbers. It will search your number with over 300million numbers. 

It is also a US reverse phone detective to search only US-based numbers. 

But if you want to get some extra information then you'll have to pay some prefixed amount. You'll have to pay $19.95 per month and if you want a monthly pack and you can also purchase a yearly pack in $39.95. You will get unlimited cell phone number lookup with it and,

If you don't want to pay this much then you can buy the trial version of 5 days in $2.95. 

Phone Detective

Phone Detective is a good instant phone lookup with name you should try. You can trust on this service blindly because they make sure for your privacy. 

How to check whose number is this free with name with this reverse phone detective?

free reverse phone lookup services

All you have to do is just one up their website and write the number you want to search there, and within few minutes you will get the information about the number but with the free version, you will only be able to check the location of the number not the name of the owner. 

To check the full reports of number you need to purchase any plan like-
If you have any particular number to search or want to search only one number then you can buy the initial plan of $9.95 which allows you to phone number lookup any one number but,

If you have any numbers to search then you need to buy $29.95 plan for one year, with it you can get unlimited totally free reverse cell phone lookup with name for one year.


Peoplebyname is one of the great reverse phone lookup services we can try. This is a completely free reverse phone lookup with name which will help you get the telephone number lookup in few clicks.

This site updates very quickly and most of the times give perfect results. You can search any phone number or telephone number with this free reverse cell phone lookup site.

free reverse phone lookup services

To check the number details you need to make a few clicks-
  1. First of all, go to peoplebyname website,
  2. Now you will see a telephone number lookup box, just write the cell phone number there and that's all you'll get your results.
But to view the full pieces of information you need to buy their plans. You can buy the trial version on $1, which allows you to check free phone number lookup by name for 7 days and for one monthly plan you will have to pay $29.99.

Trace Phone Number

If you want to search any Indian Cell phone number then this reverse phone detective site if for you. It has a huge database of Indian numbers which includes all phone numbers, telephone numbers etc. 
But one disappointing part of this reverse phone lookup free site is that we can't get the exact location of any number. But still, you can give a try to this telephone number lookup a try. 

SeekVerify Public Record Search

With the help of this free phone number lookup by name service, you can get to know whose number is this free with name. 

SeekVerify Public Record Search

The best thing I attracted to this site is that it's searching speed, it searches the database within few seconds and you'll be shocked for sure and another good part is that our searches will remain private so need not be worry about cheating or data leakage.

eVerify Phone Lookup

Just like other reverse phone number lookup sites I have also tried this one but trust me this one left an amazing impact on me, I can surely recommend this totally free reverse cell phone lookup with name to you. 

I just have tested my own few numbers and thought that this sites also will give at least two wrong details but it proved me wrong and gave me the correct information every time. 
So if you are looking for free reverse phone lookup services then must try this one. 


Here's a quick overview of the Major Reverse Phone Lookup Sites and Organisations. is one of the leading instant phone lookup free sites that hold about 40 Million monthly users from North America alone. During its initial stages, the site had around 190 Million Databases-the information that the site provides include Name, Age, and Location. is yet another leading service provider that serves more than 5 Million of their monthly subscribers. Alike, Addresses-owned by Intelius provide Name and Address with the exception of the Age database.

Most of the times Telephone Lookup sites work for free as the process is less complex compared to that of the Cell Phone Lookup. But the technology has made Cell Phone-Reverse Phone lookup easier as well. However, you have to pay a lump sum so as to get hold of the provided services. The price you pay is completely affordable and reasonable for the accurate results you get. 

If you are a subscriber of any of the reverse phone lookup service providers and you are confused on how to get efficient results, here's a quick anatomy for that as well. For that ensure that you are using a reliable and trustworthy service with Good reputation.

Henceforth I firmly encourage you to use one of the aforementioned services.  If you live in a place where the foretold service providers don't work, use a Google Search to finalize a Provider. It is important to keep away from the Service providers that ask your own number in exchange. The sites that do it, is a complete hoax which will fail to fetch any results, leaving your number to get stored in their database. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Ultimately, here is a brief section on some of the advantages and disadvantages of Reverse Phone Lookup services. Firstly, the user gets all the relevant information about the Owner of the Phone Number. There are a lot of reasons why people opt these services which range from finding friends to business-related talks. Anything on Internet doesn't for good alone. The same thing applies to phone number lookup as well. Imagine that you are an owner who knowingly refuses to speak with a person. But with the help of reverse phone number lookup, the person can locate you to find your Real-Time Location. The cell phone number lookup can lead to Scamming and Forging depending on the person who uses it.  

Wrapping Up, whose number is this free with name-

That being said, Free Reverse Phone Lookup services is a huge leap towards achieving a Perfect Technology for Information Retrieval. However, some of the disadvantages could make one stop and think whether or not use this technology or not. As a Bane and Boon type of Technology, Free phone number lookup by name is helpful and harmful too depending on the person who uses it. Next time if you are having difficulty in recognizing an unknown number, use a Reverse Phone Lookup Services technology to get the desired information. Hopefully, the technology would get better and efficient in future.

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