What do you need to know about VPN if you are traveling to China?

China is great firewall known for its extremely stringent policies regarding online content. The country has an advanced online censorship system in place that controls the flow of information over the web. Therefore, when it comes to circumventing blocked sites like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Google services, Tinder, etc; VPN is the only thing that comes to rescue.
Now, if you wondering how to navigate your way through the “Great Firewall of China;”read these important facts about VPN.

Why we need to use VPN in China

It’s been quite some time since the Chinese government understood the power of the internet in kindling a political or social catastrophe. So, to tighten up the grip on the internet, they are using The Great Firewall (GFW) since 2003. With the help of GFW China has blocked almost all the popular websites including Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
But there’s still hope!

Expats and native Chinese access these websites using VPN. It enables you to escape the Great Firewall and excellently bypass internet censorship. VPN not only allows access all the blocked websites but also guards the users against various internet security threats.

VPN providers in China

VPN is completely legal in China (at least for now)! Therefore, it’s fair you gather complete knowledge of the best VPN providers in China before boarding the flight.

There are several VPN providers rendering efficient services, but you should consider the fact that VPNs are unpredictable in China. Therefore, to enjoy unhindered services during your stay in China, make sure you choose a reliable service provider. Consider the following factors before making your decision:
   Servers Locations, Servers, IP Addresses – Server location and IP address plays an important role in 
securing your online privacy and anonymity. VPN retains your traffic data isolated and secure from hackers and several other threats of the Internet. More the number of servers and IP addresses; better will be the security.
  Protocols–When you use VPN, you get a full online banking fortification through stern data encryption. The stronger the encryption, the better provider services are.

·         Bandwidth Caps & Uptime - Some available content may be remote from specific places, use of VPN service lets you hide your actual location by using a changed server located in the other place. Also, due to your restriction on internet speed by your ISP, your internet speed is decreased. VPN allows you to have good speed, so higher the bandwidth, better the service provider is.

·         Price – When it comes to choosing your VPN provider, never settle for someone offering a tempting deal at the lower price. What’s cheap is cheap for a reason! So, go for the best things at standard rates.

Top Recommendations:

Since, the VPN services are so unpredictable in China; you must sign-up with your chosen VPN before visiting China. These are some recommended VPNs in China:
·         ExpressVPN
·         NordVPN
·         VyprVPN
·         12VPN
·         Jungle VPN

What if VPN stops working in China?

Considering the erratic state of VPN in China, even if you have a good VPN provider, you must be prepared for occasional troubles. In case your VPN gets blocked somehow, you can take the following steps to get up and running again:
·         Try changing your server
·         Try changing your VPN protocol
·         Port forward to port 433 (SSL)

It is always advisable to use some recommended VPN in China because many people look out for options available for free on the internet. But, it is somewhat hard to trust them because by using a VPN, you are basically using somebody else’s computer.

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