The Big iPhone - iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus

Adding a new number adds to each device every year, it signals a drastic change in design. However, Apple made sure that it stood apart from others by making the changes internally when it released iPhone 8 Plus. If you are now in possession of iPhone 7 Plus, then you need to know whether it is worth the time and money to upgrade to the latest model. The following post will provide you information between the two models, especially the critical changes.


While iPhone 7 Plus runs on A10 Fusion chipset, iPhone 8 Plus runs on a newly developed 64-bit hexacore chipset called as the A11 Bionic chip. The benchmark results displayed that A11 performed higher by 25% on single core test and a massive 80 percent on the multicore test. It is evident that iPhone 8 Plus is the winner in this category. However, one should never forget that the previous model is no weakling. It is still capable of performing to its best and handle multitasking with ease. With the upgrade even Garageband has got better with other music composing apps. Also, you can get garageband for windows now.

Display, design, and durability

When we look at the appearance of the models, there is hardly any difference that we can point out. The design of the new model is similar to that of the previous version. However, the only change that Apple made is ditching the aluminum back and going with the mineral glass to provide wireless charging using Qi-chargers.

The display remains the same on both the devices. Both iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus host 5.5-inch display with full HD resolution. The advantage is the 401 PPI and the Retina display introduced by Apple a while ago. Additionally, both the devices have that True Tone technology, which ensures that the viewer receives an absolute viewing experience irrespective of the surrounding light conditions. The technology adjusts the white balance of the display to keep the color content within the boundary.

Both the devices carry IP 67 certification and are water resistant. But when we speak about iPhone 8 Plus, we have to specify that Apple went ahead with the mineral glass rather than opting for the aluminum case. It not only increased the weight by 20 grams but also provided the opportunity for the user to charge the device at any workstation that hosts Qi – charger. Regarding durability, it could be tough to assess the situation right away.

Battery life and charging

Apple reduced the battery on iPhone 8 Plus to 2,675mAh when compared with that of 2,900mAh cell on the iPhone 7 Plus. From one point of view, it could be the reason due to the improved chipset present on the iPhone 8 Plus. The improvement in the efficiency helped Apple to reduce the battery, and according to the breakdown provided by Apple, both the phones meet or match the same level when it comes to battery life and charging. The added benefit the user will receive on iPhone 8 Plus is the advantage of fast charging. Users can recharge up to 50 percent within 30 minutes. Addition of fast charging and introducing wireless charging gave a massive boost to the new entrant.


Both the models host 12 megapixel dual cameras on the rear. However, Apple did introduce new technologies on the new phone. The iPhone 7 Plus was capable of capturing 4K videos to a maximum of 30 FPS. Apple enhanced the same to 240 FPS in 1080p and 720p on the new model.

When you are going to consider all these factors, it is a clear indication that the new model, iPhone 8 Plus is the winner.  

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