Easy Steps to Getting a Successful Online Dating Profile

Okay, cyber dating conquers the world but most users do not really gain from all the latest innovations the industry provides. This happens for many reasons; one of them is as simple as possible. Up to 50% of fails come because guys and girls just didn’t bother to create a catchy profile! So this is a brief guide to how to make a successful online dating profile.

Successful Online Dating Profile

Spend some time on making a draft

Strange as it may sound, a cool profile is hard to create in a minute. Yes, this strategy is the most widespread – you sign up, quickly fill in the questionnaire and start swiping or liking. Let’s wait a little bit. What`s your goal? What makes you and only you stand out? Why your dream partner should choose you among millions of others? Knowing what you create your account for, you will figure out what instruments you`ll need to succeed.

Pin your most irresistible photo to it

Any successful online dating profile is unimaginable without a great photo gallery. Most apps display a single profile photo first. So even though you plan to go in for video dating, consider choosing your best picture yet keep it natural. Regardless of how good you retouched it, it is always noticeable. Don’t get upset if photogeneity isn’t your middle name: everyone can look awesome if he knows the basic secrets.

Present your active side!

Even if you are an introverted person who prefers home dwelling to anything else, it is always better to show your social side. First, it may help you to find someone who would complement your character features. Second, other detached people will feel the urge to mingle with a guy or girl who has a lot in common with them but also can pull them out of the routine.


You`ll never make up a successful online dating profile if use general phrases to describe yourself. Not that everyone would like to know every single detail about you but some specification is required. Say, if you are an enthusiastic cooker, mention what exactly you love to cook. Or if fitness is the hobby of your life, tell others more about your favorite workout. Preciseness will bring you to people who love the same things and common interests often make a good base for bond building.

Avoid being wordy

Long texts are good if you want to promote your blog but not for your self-presentation on social networks. Of course, your profile should contain all the necessary details. On the other hand, brevity is the sister of talent – that’s yet another reason to make up a draft.

Take care of the quality

The writing quality, I mean. Grammar and spelling mistakes are actually a huge turnoff. Maybe, not for those who look for one-night stands but for those who long for more serious things. For example, if you want to meet an intelligent girl, your poorly written “about me” section never comes in hand. Simple checking won’t steal too much time from you and your efforts will definitely be rewarded.

Search for inspiration

One of the most amazing things about humans today is that we can borrow each other’s cool ideas and synthesize them into something completely new. Feel free to inspire with popular profiles on the dating site or app you’ve chosen – just do not try to copy anyone and pretend to be someone you are not. Consider asking a friend’s opinion as well. Internet tips on how to make a successful online dating profile work but someone needs to review your potential in real life!

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