6 Blogs to follow to keep up the updates about 3d printing

The technology of 3D printing has passed over three decades on this planet and still many people do not know clearly about it.

Though it is gaining popularity rapidly around the world, many would like to differ. Since the concept of 3D technology in printing sector is not clear to many, they should follow the updates about it.

So, the first question which arises from this is that “What is 3D printing technology?”.

The answer to this simple question is that 3D objects can be printed with the help of this technology. Specially designed printing machines are made so that they can execute the process of 3D printing. The 3D printing is an additive process by which objects of three dimension are made.

In the early days, a particular polymer was used to make the print from it. But the technology was improved and more advanced concepts were made to be involved with this new technique.

On the internet, there are many blogs related to many tech stuff. Out of these, some are related to the concepts of 3D printing and the updates about it.

Here, I am going to discuss some of the blogs which tell us about the updates brought in the world of 3D printing.

      1.       Fabbaloo

Fabbaloo is a blog based on the 3D printing technology. The investors of the blog expect people to create 3D objects using desktop equipment at a very minimum cost.

3d printing
It tracks all the developments made in the 3D technology world and hopes to bring them to the common people so that they can get to know about the updates of 3D printing technology. Many people around the world are quite excited about the advancements made in this very field.

The posts made in this blog are may be a post from the recent press releases of a 3D printing technology company or any form of an idea which crosses the minds of the scientists or the staffs of this blog.

The contributors who write blogs on this blog have either experience or expertise in the 3D printing technology field. 

      2.       i.materialise

The blog of i.materialise mainly gives stress on the new 3D printing techniques which come into light. It keeps the people updated about the newest 3D technologies, designs and other software modeling tutorials.
3d printing

They create stuff related to the 3D prints and gives posts on it. They reach out to different forums on 3D printing technology and makes the newest advancements aware to the people.

They even provide business ideas in their blog on 3D printing so that the people can even start ups on their own.

      3.       TCT Magazine

It is the media arm of the TCT Group, which is one of the premier world’s communication for 3D technologies.
3d printing

The technology may consist of 3D printing, 3D services, 3D scanning and other services related to this technology.

It started as a rapid prototyping newsletter and eventually expanded itself to become to one of the most significant authorities which help to shape the world through these technologies.

It basically uploads posts and news related to the 3D printing technology. Along with it, it also includes news on additive technology, scanning of 3D objects and services on it.

From the point of focus of an industry, it designs the posts so that the people can get a better view of these technologies.

      4.       Tech Crunch

It is one of the leading media in terms of news for business plans. It gives a strong focus on startup ideas and entrepreneurship for the young entrepreneurs, who are looking for ideas to start their business. It also gives its emphasis on 3D printing technology news and other related news on it.

3d printing

The services on 3D technology are also brought to limelight through the posts in this blog. It was founded in 2005 and within a short span of time, it has reached millions of followers on its blog.

      5.       Develop 3D

A print and a digital resource, Develop 3D keeps track about the innovations made in the sector of 3D printing technology.

3d printing

They keep track about all the product development processes which are involved in the all the product creating process.

The 3D objects are scanned and software and hardware tutorials are given. The posts also assist and engage engineers who are involved in these fields.

      6.       Forbes

Forbes is a combination of many news related to all technical stuff.

They release posts on 3D printing news and others which may come in handy for the people related to these sectors.
3d printing

It contains a search navigation bar where anyone can access videos and tutorials related to 3D printing technology and gain knowledge in those subjects.

In conclusion, we can say that many blogs help us to gain knowledge on 3D printing technology and out of those, some are cited above.

The excitement towards 3D technology is increasing day by day and hope that we will see it overtakes all sectors to ease the processes in product design.

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