Apps Like ShowBox Top 8 Alternatives

Apps like Showbox is a good choice for people who love to watch movies streaming live. Showbox has lots of followers because of its great quality, updated content and obviously huge collection of Showbox movies online. But due to servers issue with Showbox, you must need some other movie apps like Showbox. These apps are like a backup plan for you to watch live movie streaming. All apps like Showbox are very effective and good alternative of Showbox.

Apps Like ShowBox

No doubt Showbox movies are awesome and I like Showbox too but sometimes I faced many issues with its streaming and content issue. 

Still when it comes to app for free movies then Showbox movie app hits first on the mind. After using these free movie apps for android like Showbox; I find something great collection with interesting features. 

These free movie apps like Showbox are providing HD streaming, high user interface and easy navigation and functionality for their users. In present some of the apps from my list are the great competitor of Showbox

So please read about these apps similar to Showbox and download according to your requirement. 

Movie apps for android like Showbox

1.     MegaBox HD

It is a great option for android users as an alternative of Showbox. MegaBox HD is needed only 1.8 MB space on your phone. This quality made many people life easier who is working with older version of the Android device. This app like Showbox gives you many options in quality like 360p and 720p. 

Apps Like ShowBox

It is an amazing tool for modern Android user who wants to watch movies online. The additional quality of this app is that it made with a useful search engine.

This app can search movies or media files by genre. So, if you love any special movie genre then must try this app as a backup of Showbox when will you need. So it is one of the best apps like Showbox for iPhone.

2.    NewestMovie HD

This app is also a better tool for Android user. It makes many movie lovers life easier by providing great services. 

Apps Like ShowBox

This app comes with latest feature, stunning utility and top quality content. newest movie HD app serves without ay subscription and other stuff.

So, people who do not want to subscribe these stuff and also not want to be a part of app database can easily use this. If you want to download the media content of this app then you can easily do it. Because this app like Showbox gives you an opportunity to do it. 

In my opinion, it is a better tool in the list of apps like Showbox. There is some noticeable feature also exist like offline mode, movie deception has IMDB rating, good quality of movies and others. You can watch a free movie with these apps for Android.

3.    Crackle

There are lots of Showbox like apps available on the Internet but this Showbox alternative is really awesome. It is available for all Android and iOS devices. 

Apps Like ShowBox

Crackle is known for its simplicity among its user. So, if you searching something simple and useful option then download this app. This app gives you something extra with great navigation and large movie database that is your favorite TV shows.

But it is not working like our last app Newest Movie HD. You cannot download movies, TV shows from this app like our last option. 

I think in my options of apps like Showbox, it is the best streaming app on based on services. So if you are searching for best apps like Showbox for iPhone then you must try crackle once.

4.    PlayBox HD

Playbox HD is an another app with the great specification for online movie streaming. It is also the part of apps like Showbox. 

Apps Like ShowBox

This app offers you high definition (HD) movies and TV shows with any streaming and quality error. It is built with classic navigation, top quality, and better graphics.

This App like Showbox keeps some advanced options like movie rating, short reviews, quality images and subtitle. This app is not having any significance for the android user because it is available for iPhone and iPad.

5.    Cinemax

In this article, we saw many other apps like Showbox but now I am going to tell you about a great Showbox alternative. 

Apps Like ShowBox

CinemaBox is a most trustable app as an alternative of Showbox. This app has all features and effects similar to Showbox with some additional advancement. Cinemax has a main focus on app usability and user experience.

So, they can give the better services to their customers. It works in offline mode and easily available on the internet for android and ios users. CinemaBox gives you a feature that when you watch movie subtitles add automatically. 

This app is changed in many modes according to user identity. This app like Showbox is not available on the authorized store like iTunes, google play store. So, it is not a reliable tool as compare to other apps like Showbox.

6.    Gigaplex HD

Gigaplex HD is a great option to try as Showbox alternative. Previously this tool is only available for iOS but now it is also available for Android. 

Apps Like ShowBox

So don't worry you can try it on your device. This app is working on the main motive of providing user quality to their users.

You can download your media files by using this app. it gives you a great experience and you can make it a permanent solution. 

It also keeps all feature like Showbox that give it a place in apps like Showbox. So Gigaplex HD is one of the great apps like Showbox for Android and iPhone.

7.    Flipps HD

It is a second last in the list of apps like Showbox. If you want something better than Showbox then must try it for a single time. 
Apps Like ShowBox
This app gives you the facility to watch live television. This app similar to Showbox contain all features of Showbox. This app provides you many options like viral videos, trending videos, favorite music, and others. You can use this app to download your media file on your phone but it is only available for the Android user. And offline mode is also applicable in this app.

So, it makes your life easier in every way. In my opinion, it is a greater tool with various options for users. My friends love this app and some of them are addicted to it. So if you love videos and other stuff and want it on your mobile device then must try this as Showbox alternative.

8.    Hubi

Now, it is time to present the last app in apps like Showbox. This Showbox alternative also has greater significance in similar apps to Showbox. it has many features like you can watch tv stream live, online movies, viral videos, tv shows, and other media files. It offers a great competition in this list of Showbox alternatives. 
Apps Like ShowBox
This Showbox alternative is available in two version one is free and another is paid. in the free version, it contains ads and other stuff but in paid it looks like a smooth tool. This also gives you a movie download option. So, you can get your data and files on your device.

This app is available on iTunes and Play Store for Android and iOS user. So if you are searching for movie apps for iPhone like Showbox then check out this app now.

That’s all J

This is our list of apps like Showbox or movie apps for android like Showbox.

So now no one can stop you from watching your favorite movies anytime anywhere.

Try these movie apps like Showbox for iPhone or android and let me know which one is your favorite Showbox alternative.

If you think this list can help people searching for apps like Showbox the please do share this post. 

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