WebSites like Airbnb Top Competitors

Websites like Airbnb, if you are searching for this today then you are most probably at the best place because today I am going to help you for finding some top Airbnb competitors. I have made a list of 10 best Airbnb alternative which you’ll love for sure.

WebSites like Airbnb Top Competitors

Airbnb is a profitable platform for people who want to travel many places in some cheap prize. You can see lots of sites like Airbnb also available as Airbnb competitors or similar to Airbnb on the Internet but only a few of them worth our time. The main theme of Airbnb is to provide the best hotels deals, great user experience, many travel offers and some others.

There are many other sites like Airbnb which are also available for doing the same work but most of them are not effective as equal to this site.

There are many people who want to travel the whole world for them; there are many sites like Airbnb and Airbnb competitors which help them to save money while travelling to the world.

Vacation rental booking has become a new alternative to Airbnb for travelling people and these websites like Airbnb help them to easily find these places.

I did great research on Airbnb competitors and found a few other sites like Airbnb which works really great. So they know the advantage, disadvantage and working of these sites. Now I am going to tell the best description of Airbnb competitors.

So let’s directly come to the list of Websites like Airbnb-

1.    FlipKey

FlipKey is a decent Airbnb alternative for travellers. It has been operated by the franchise TripAdvisor since 2008 and working great till now.

This Airbnb alternative is working forward and giving more options and offers to the travellers. I think this site is the topmost part of Airbnb competitors.

It is a proper place for every type of travellers to compare hotels, flights and hotels deals and get some good offer from a diverse list. This site like Airbnb gives the every detail of hotel rooms, photos of places, food services and price for travellers. So, they can easily find what they want to get.

FlipKey is available for 150+ countries and contains a large number of services. So, on my list, it became a very good Airbnb competitor and maybe equalize the service of Airbnb in future. 

You can see tons of websites similar to Airbnb but this one is really the best among all Airbnb type sites.

2.    VRBO

VRBO becomes the biggest Airbnb competitor right now.

VRBO provide the vacation rental service by the owner and it works for travellers.

This site most useful feature is that it is available for all countries where the traveller can go. The main motive of VRBO is to provide the great, cheap and comfortable deals to their users.

In working and User interface, it looks like very close to the Airbnb. Now I am going to talk about its features.

You can look up the price of hotels, flights, location, photos, offer and other services you need. In case if you use its payment methods and cancellation services then you also say that it is the good Airbnb competitor.

3.    Housetrip

Housetrip is another option for them who are looking for websites like Airbnb. This website is not much older but due to its great service and appropriate offers; it became the part of Airbnb competitors.

Housetrip gives the most genuine and reliable options for booking your hotels, flights and other and because of that, it has become the part of websites like Airbnb.

It also provides the VR view of hotels, places and restaurants. So, travellers get good information about all these places. The unique thing about house trip is that it provides some interesting categories, options for the life that includes castles, boats and some others too.

4.    Home Away

HomeAway is the main company behind our above site VIRBO. So it's a big brand for travellers to get their cheap hotels, flights and other travelling stuff.

Because of two to three franchise under it; make a powerful Airbnb competitor. There are many good characteristic HomeAway have like a number of images of rental places, hotels, bedrooms and review. For you booking at some place by HomeAway, you need to pay some amount because they can be assured about your arrival.

HomeAway also has some good and bad type of policies for cancellation and payments. So please read about them. So, you will not be in any trouble.

5.    Vaystays

So, now I am talking about my fifth option that also contains a place in my Airbnb competitors list.

This website gives two types of services one is half vacation rental marketplace and other is half property management tool.

The main factor behind the popularity of Vaystays is its services quality properties in highly coveted travelling places around the world.

Vaystays serves the super safe way to book your place by using your payment options.

This Airbnb alternative main marketplace is USA, Mexico and North American countries. VarStays also pursues with VR services and connect with modern technology. So, their customer can get broad information about rental places, hotels and others.

6.    Roomorama

Roomorama has successfully grown to over 60k+ properties in over 4k+ locations across the globe for travellers. This is also one of the great alternatives to Airbnb.

This site has been based out of world's most expensive city (Singapore) since 2009. This Airbnb alternative has the main focus towards the VR industry and nowadays that attracts lots of customers towards Roomorama.
For people who want to list their properties on this alternative; they do not need to pay any money for it. The main marketplace of Roomorama is Europe countries.

It also has some greater qualities like its follows and shout out a program that means travellers post what they require so the providers can easily understand their offers and serve them a great deal.

7.    Wimdu

Wimdu also gave a good competition to the Airbnb. It has over 1 million+ registered users and 300k+ different properties in approx 1k+ countries. This is also one of the great companies like Airbnb.

This website is serving a great option for travellers and properties publishers. The main focus of Wimdu on rental places near the pond and VR market also.

This website like Airbnb is having his market in Europe countries and North America. It's the main feature to provide short term rentals, cheap price offers to travellers.

8.    9flats

It is an interesting option for travellers to get a place for vacation renting.
It is the lowest age website in this category of Airbnb competitors but it gets enough popularity to be placed on this list.

This similar to Airbnb is best for home stays services, hostels, renting, leasing apartments and some others.

9flats gets the amount of commission from the both traveller and publisher.
9flats is popular for its amazing customer supports and services. It has 25k+ properties options for travellers of 100+ countries. 

There are some other attractive features also available like transactions are done through bitcoins, traveller booking fees are zero and others.

9.    HomeStay

Homestay is our second last site in the list of websites similar to Airbnb. It comes with some great options like you can live in the house of a local for more than 6 months, vacation renting options and some others.

This site mainly focuses to provide a place where they can live a long time. Homestay looks like a website or platform for local people and travellers.

This Airbnb competitor gives the many money saving options in the different type of deals. There are some other options available to you can find a local place according to your hobbies and requirement.

10.    VacayHero

So now, It's time to know about our last website like Airbnb. I think it is also quite effective and popular one.

VacayHero is also named as Zaranga, this site served more than 13K+ vacation rentals, houses, hotels and stuff like Airbnb. The most market of this website is in the USA, with properties in places like Colorado, Utah, Florida and many others.

This Airbnb alternative is not powerful but in the US, it is quite popular and effective with its price, offers and deals.

That’s all.

Hope you have found this list of top Airbnb competitors helpful. 

These Airbnb alternatives will help you for sure.

Do you know some other sites like Airbnb?

If yes then please let me know the comments below so that I can add it and update this list.

Otherwise, don’t forget to tell me which one is your favourite Airbnb alternative.

And at last please don’t forget to share this list of websites similar to Airbnb or companies like Airbnb with your friends or family and let them know about these Airbnb alternatives UK. 

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