Is TOR Browser Safe to use?

Is tor browser safe to use? if you are searching for this question from few hours or even few days then you are at perfect place because you don't have to search this anymore. Deep web or the dark web is a hidden web which consists of 96% of the total web. Yes, you read that right. The normal internet which you use and which seems so vast and unexplorable comprises just 4% of the total web. Now you can only imagine how big the deep web is. But since the deep web is meant to be hidden, therefore it cannot be accessed by your day to day browsers. For it, you need a special browser such as the Tor browser. It lets you access the deep web just as a normal browser allows you to access the normal web. But deep web in itself is a very risky water to be treading upon. Therefore, you need a smart and safe browser to protect you. There are many concerns amongst the people regarding the safety of the Tor browser. Some consider that it doesn't provide the necessary protection to its users. So is tor browser safe? Should you use it to access the deep web? Let us find the answers to these questions below.
is tor safe to use

What is Tor Browser?

A tor browser is a web browser, but unlike the normal web browsers, it is meant for browsing through the deep web. It hides your identity and allows the users to access the deep web anonymously. It is developed by Tor Project, which is a not for profit organization which roots for anonymity on the web. It is backed up by the Government of the United States of America and receives its funding from their only. It was earlier known as the onion browser but later its name was changed. It is absolutely free to use and can be downloaded by anyone from the website of the Tor Project. Before we learn the answer to the question – Is Tor browser safe, we should know about the history of Tor browser.

History of Tor Browser

Tor browser, then known as Onion Routing, came to the fore in the year 1997. It was developed by DARPA. But renowned computer scientists Syverson and Roger Dingledine along with Nick Mathewson further developed it and renamed it as TOR project, relaunching it again in the year 2002. The basic motto of the TOR project has always been to promote anonymity over the web and it is in match with the policies of the US government, who also promote web anonymity. Due to this, the US government heavily invests in the TOR project and provides them much of their funds for their growth. The first version of the Tor browser was released in the year 2003 and since then it has been further developed to be as good as it is today. Now let us find out is tor browser safe?

Is Tor Browser Safe?

Now, we all know that accessing the dark web isn't much safe because of the criminal activities which happen over there. You information can be leaked and you can land in all sorts of trouble thereafter. Therefore it is essential that the browser you use for accessing the dark web is a good one which protects your information, ensures your privacy and maintains your anonymity. And it can be said that the Tor browser stands up on all these regards. It is a very well developed browser which maintains your anonymity on the dark web and ensures that you stay safe from all kinds of creepy stuff which could either harm you or your device. So I guess now you have got the answer of your question is tor safe 2017. Another question people searches is that is using tor browser illegal? no not at all. Tor browser is not illegal. 

The Flaw in Tor Browser

Though have got the answer to the question Is Tor browser safe, you need to make sure that you have selected the right settings on the Tor browser so that none of your information gets leaked and everything stays protected. Tor browser depends a lot upon the JavaScript settings to keep you protected. The Java settings being wrongly selected can mean that you are under a serious threat of loss or leak of information.
It is of no doubt that the Tor browser is one of the safest. But you need to ensure that the JavaScript in your browser is turned off. In case the settings are changed and JavaScript is turned on, then it can leak your information on the Dark Web and can be fatal.
In order to switch the JavaScript off in the Tor Browser, you will need to
·         Open a new tab in the Tor Browser and then go to the following address - about:config
·         Search for JavaScript here.
·         Find the option where it is written javascript.enabled.
·         Double click this preset command.
·         Now it will change from True to False.
So now, the JavaScript in your Tor browser has been turned off. Now you are completely safe and do not need to worry about any leak of information. All you need to make sure is that this command remains off only and isn't turned on.
Besides this, you can also make sure that no other scripts are on. For your knowledge, the JavaScript comes with “NoScript” already added in the browser. So to begin, you can go to the top left corner and click S. Then click on “Forbid Scripts Globally”. You are done. Now all malicious scripts which could have proven harmful will get permanently disabled, ensuring your security and making the Tor browser even safer to use.

Other questions people searches frequently and our answer from them- 
is tor safe from viruses? - Yeah for sure
is tor safe to download? - Again for sure
is tor safe on iphone? -  Yes
is tor safe on mac?      -  Yes
is tor safe on android? - Yes 
is tor safe to use on windows 10? - Yes

The Last Words
So we have seen that Dark Web is a dangerous place to browse into if you do not have a safe Browser. The most popular browser for accessing the dark web has seen claims that it is not much secure and accessing dark web through it can result in leaking of crucial information which can land you in a whole of trouble. But we have seen that the answer to the question “is tor browser safe” is that these claims are false and that the tor browser is one of the safest browsers. All you need to ensure is that the desired settings are enabled and that the JavaScript is turned off. This will ensure that your information never gets leaked and that you can access dark web anonymously without any risk.
Let me know what you think about this question which everybody wants to know is tor safe 2017 in comments below. You views means a lot to the world so make sure you share your views on this hot topic. 
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