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Apps for rooted android phones are really hot, isn’t it? I am sure you must have every heard about rooting your phone ever and I am also sure you must have rooted your phone because that’s why you are here today and searching for top root apps. Lots of my friends and our subscribers family members asked me about apps for rooted android so that’s why I have decided to write a post for all of you extreme phone lovers about list of top root apps for Android. I have searched all over the internet and then made this list of best apps for rooted android phones. Most of the best apps for rooted phone are tested by me and the few which are not tested are add after reading their reviews and people comments about them.

best root apps android
best root apps for Android

As we all know why people root their android phone because we can customize our phone completely after rooting it. We cannot open the library files or even can’t remove the frustrating preinstalled system apps on our phone but after rooting it we can remove anything we want. And the most common reason for rooting your phone is that you can install custom ROM in your phone and can upgrade it anytime any version for free and with the help of top apps for rooted android, you can even increase your phone speed or performance easily. And one more you can decrease the battery consumption or we can say you can boost up your phones battery with rooted phone apps.

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But if you still have not rooted your android yet and thinking of pros and cons of rooting then you should go ahead and read my this post about how to root android phone without PC. I am sure your all doubts will be clear in a sec.

So let’s directly come to our list of Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones 2017

1. Flashify-

Flshify is one of the best root app for android. I am sure you must love to customize your android phone like to install custom ROM or custom kernel etc. so as we all know most of the files we download to customize our phone are in format which we can’t operate directly on phone like img, zip. So with flashify we can easily flash these recovery images, boot images, zips and kernels etc without even rebooting your phone.

In this black hat rooting procedure we have to take care of our data because any single click can delete our phone data completely. So it’s necessary to backup our data into cloud or any other local storage, here also Flashify helps us to backup our data automatically.

We can use this best root app for free but make sure to not flash files more than three times in a day because after that you will have to buy the membership plan for it.

best root apps android

2. SuperSu-

SuperSu is one of the best root apps that all root users should have. Whenever you root your device this app will automatically install on your phone but if you can’t see this app on your phone then you have to install it manually. SuperSu is the best app for rooted phones because whenever your run any app which only works on rooted phone then you manually have to give permission to that app so that you can use it and this permission can be only given with the help of SuperSu.

Whenever you run any root app then a pop up form SuperSu will open and it wants to choose whether you want to grant root permission to that particular app or not. You can also change the setting of SuperSu to automatically grant permissions to all root apps.

And one more best feature about this app is that you can unroot your phone any time in a single click with this app.

best root apps android 

Wow! Whenever I hear this name Luck Patcher then the first word comes in my mind is wow. Lucky Patcher is one of the top must have apps for rooted android phones. Everyone of us who roots their phone is lover of hacking or tricks.

Everyone wants to crack games like don’t pay for games and enjoy the pro versions or get unlimited chips or coins on any game for free then this app if all what you want. It offers so many awesome features like remove license file of any app and yeah I know ads in between any game sucks so we can remove Google ads from any app for free.

So if you are a hacker stuff lover then you should surely give this best root app a try now. But if you get confuse with this app for first time then you should Google it like how to use it etc.  

best root apps android
4. Titanium Backup-

I’m sure you must want any app to backup your entire phone’s data for free then you need this Titanium Backup app. This is one of the essential root apps for android because backing up our data is really important when we are playing with rooting apps. So whenever you install any custom Rom in your phone then you should backup your all apps and data with this app and then reinstall all the apps and restore all the data in one click.

Some more features this app offers us are that we can edit our android phone id, can clean up all the caches of apps and can also move our apps to external storage etc. So this is one of the root apps that everyone knows about.

best root apps android 
5. Greenify-

Greenify is one of the great rooted android apps you should use. Do you get mad when your phone’s battery gets low again and again? Or are you frustrated with your phone’s performance? Then this app is for you. Greenify is the best root app for android which will help you to boost up your phone’s battery and also improves its performance. Actually it stops all the apps which are running on background with no use and it decreases the CPU usage of your phone.

This app is available for both rooted users and unrooted users bit works best on the rooted ones. It has lots of more features which you can use.

best root apps android 
6. Xposed Framework-

Xposed Framework is one of the best apps for rooted android phones. Okay so again I know that you love to customize your android fully and most of the times people root their phone just to use custom ROM on it because simply custom ROMs are awesome. After few months or year we get bored with using the same phone or features again and again so then we need to customise it with custom rom. So with this great root app we can customize our phone and install any rom in it.

We can make our phone look like any phone we want with the help of custom ROM and can update our phone’s android anytime. There are thousands of modules are present in this app which we can use. This is really must have root apps for all android users.

best root apps android 

As we all know that even a brand new phone has lots of preinstalled apps on it which we can’t remove and trust me these apps really sucks because we don’t even need those apps and we have to face them again and again in our app menu.

So here comes one more must have apps for rooted android phones with which we can remove or uninstall system apps like normal apps. Removing preinstalled apps also helps our phone to boost up because we free up some ram used by these apps. So go ahead and try this free best root app now.

best root apps android 
8. Link2SD-

As you know whenever we install any app on our phone then it will install in our phone storage (most of the times) and you also know that the more your phone storage is occupied more your phone will slow down. So make sure to use the minimum internal storage as you can.

So here comes the one of the best most powerful root apps with which you can move your all apps from internal storage to external storage or SD card. This will surely boost up your phone’s performance. And you can share the large amount of files with vpn for p2p

best root apps android

9. Tasker-

Tasker is one of the top apps for rooted phones. I have to add this app in my list of best apps for rooted android smartphones because of its awesome features. You can schedule anything on your phone with this app like whenever you connect your headphones music will automatically start playing or even automatically start any song any time. You just have to go to this app setting and then schedule any app to start any time.

Most of the times whenever we go to any meetings we forget to put our phone on silent mode and then it’s really an awkward moment when our phone rings up suddenly. So for this awkward situation we can schedule our phone to set on silent mode at any fix time with this free best root app.

best root apps android 
10. Root Explorer-

Explore all your system files with this pretty simple root explorer. This is not a simple file manager, you can edit any system file you want or can modify any file permissions. I am sure you have heard that you can add the navigation bar on your android so this app will help you to add a nav bar.

You can also use or install apps which your phone doesn’t support with this best root apps 2017 by simply modifying build.prop as any high ended phone like iphone or any Samsung phone. This app also lets you extract any zip file. So this is best android app for rooted android phone you must try once.

best root apps android

11. Viper4AndroidFX-

Do you love to listen songs? If yes then you must know the difference between high quality speakers and ordinary speakers. Latest android phones 2017 have the new high quality sound speaker which is Dolby. The sound of these speakers are really much clear then our normal phones but we don’t have to pay again to buy new phone because we can upgrade our phone sound quality very easily.

Viper4Android is the best app for rooted android phones to boost the audio quality of phone for free. We can manually control and modify the sound of our phone speakers and any Bluetooth speaker or any headphone etc. It has lots of features and effects like equalizer and a new audio driver which is really great. So you really should try this best root app for android once.

best root apps android

You must have seen or used recycle bin in your PC but have you ever heard about recycle bin on your phone. Yes I admit that sometimes I delete my photos, videos or files accidently and then my mood instantly goes down like hell. And I’m sure this must be happens with you. So this one of the best apps for rooted device Dumpster is for you.

Dumpster is the recycle bin for your android phone. When you delete any file from your phone then you can easily recover it with this best root app. It recovers all types of files but it works best with images, videos and music. Whenever you delete any file from your phone then it automatically goes to dumpster and then you have to delete those files from dumpster if you want delete files permanently.

best root apps android

13. AdBlock Plus-

Everyone loves to use internet or apps but as we know everyone wants to earn money in this world. So every website or app owner put ads on their site or app so that they can earn money. But sometimes these ads frustrate us more than anything in this world.

We can stop those annoying ads or pop-up’s easily with this one of the best android root apps. So I think this is the must have apps for rooted android phones.

best root apps android
14. Nandroid Manager-

Nandroid manager is the best root apps 2017. This app allows you to backup and restore the deleted file likes apps, messages, calls etc.

best root apps android

15. Xmod Games-

Do you love to play games? If yes then this is free best root app for you because this app will surely patch your favourite game like clash of clan. The best feature of this top root app is that it lets you play any games in fast or slow mode.

The key to win any game is timing, some games run very fast and we have to play very carefully like Floppy Bird but proper timing is not easy.  So here is the trick we can slow down any game and then can play it in slow motion so that we can score highest in our gamers group. If you are a gamer then you should probably try this app once.

best root apps android 
16. Full Screen-

Again this is one of the root apps that all root users should have because it lets you work in full screen. Sometimes when we are watching any movie and some notifications comes then the nav bar comes which annoys the most and when lot’s of messages comes then we have to turn off our mobile data. Likewise when we play any games then again nav bar sucks.

So Full Screen app is the solution of this problem. We can use any app or can play games on full screen without any disturbances.

best root apps android

17. Network Spoofer-

I am sure you must have friends and you must love to play with them mostly when you prank’s with them. If you want to do funny prank with your friends then this is best android app for rooted android phone.

If you and your friends are sharing same wifi or connecting on a same network then you can do funny prank with them and he prank is you can redirect every single site they open on their mobile. Like if they open Facebook on browser then it will be redirected to any website you want like Instagram. So you should try this one of the best most powerful root apps with your friends.

best root apps android
18. Game Killer-

So again a must have root apps for game lovers. This app will help you to hack any game you want. You can increase the points or score in a single click and can win in seconds. Some of the apps offers us to buy coins online but don’t worry we can buy all of their offers without even spending a single penny. So game lovers should try this one of the top root apps for sure.

best root apps android

Everybody loves to have their phone fully charged. Every app on your phone consumes battery and this not possible to find out how much battery percentage every app is taking on a non rooted phone (I guess) but this one of the great apps for rooted device will help you to find out which app is consuming your battery the most so that you can stop that app and can save the battery.

best root apps android

20. Disk Digger-

Disk Digger is again one of the great apps for rooted android. This app helps you to recover any deleted file from your android any photo or any song or any contact or just anything.

best root apps android

21. Wifi Kill-

As we all know Internet is very important nowadays because today everything is online. Everyone wants to be updated so everyone use internet.  If you are using internet with wifi and facing slow internet problems then this app is for you. This app is greatest app from rooted apps market.
If lots of people are using a same wifi then your internet speed will automatically slows down then you have to disconnect rest of all users wifi and this app will help you for this.

You can disconnect wifi of any connected user with this one of the best rooted android apps. You just have to connect to the wifi and then you will see the list of connected users of that wifi just go and disconnect all of them one by one.

best root apps android
22. Boot animations-

You must have seen that some the phones have an awesome boot animations like in moto new android phones when you reboot it will play an attractive video instead of their company names with blank black screen. So you can add an attractive boot animation on you android phone too with the help of this one of the top rooted apps for Android.

best root apps android 
23. Dpi Changer-

Do you get frustrated with your phone’s screen size? If yes then you can use this one of the great apps for rooted android phones. As we know that we can edit the screen resolution on PC likewise we can edit the screen resolution of any android phone so that we can use it clearly and easily.

best root apps android
24. X-Privacy-

Nowadays cyber security is on the other level. Whenever we install and use any app on our android device then your phone IMEI number and your unique id will be sent to their server, so that they can register you on their database. Sometimes these apps even grab you personal data like messages, chats and emails. They have your all personal data means you are not secured at all.

So this X-Privacy the best root app for android is for you and I am sure it will make you much safer on internet. This app will send fake information and data to app server so that your personal data and info will be safe in your phone. So you should use this one of the best apps for rooted android.

best root apps android

I am sure you know that every phone has its own unique IMEI number and using this number everyone can trace us easily. So for more security reasons if you want to be untraceable then you have to change your phone’s IMEI number. This one of the best root apps android will help you to change your IMEI no but to use this app your phone must have Xposed Framework app. This is one of the must have root apps for hackers.

best root apps android

26. Android ID Changer-

Like IMEI number every android phone has its own ID number. Any phone developer or any hacker can trace your phone with your android ID, so if you want to be secure or for any other reason if you want to change your android ID then this app is for you. IF you age thinking to use some hacking tricks on your phone then you should use this one of the best apps for rooted android.

best root apps android
27. SCR Screen Recorder-

If you are thinking about your own YouTube channel and want to record few videos on your phone then this is the best root app for you. There are lots of screen recording apps are available on internet but most of them are costly and rest have their own annoying watermark. So this is the best must have app for rooted android phone. This app will not annoy you with the Google Ads at all.

best root apps android
Wrapping up-

This is the list of best apps for rooted android smartphones. I know you have some more apps which I have missed in this list so please let me know about them in comments so that I can add them in my list of Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones.

These apps for rooted android are really cool for android lovers. Let me know what you think about these android root apps and you opinions matters a lot.

If you are still having any doubts regarding best apps for rooted android phones then let me know in comments below so that I can help you out and yes don’t forget to share few best root app for android.

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Let me Know which is your favorite best apps for rooted android phones.

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