How to Add AdSense Ads Below Post Title in Blogger.

Do you have a blog?

Have you got approval from adsense?

Oh means you're still not earning that much?

Then you really need to add adsense ads below post title in blogger, because adsense ads below post title gets most clicks in compare to any other ads place.  And clicks are what we all want! If you are a newbie blogger then earning from adsense ads is the only way to earn some decent money with your blog. Or even it’s not about newbie blogger, a professional blogger also use adsense ads in his/her blog because we all want to earn money no matter how.

Blogger allows us to add adsense ads with its html/java gadget but with this gadget we can only add ads in the side bars or any where according to our template layout but we can’t put adsense ads below post title.

So what to do now?

Don’t worry because it’s a world of professionals and we know professionals are here to make everything easier for us..!!

So let’s move to our today’s topic:

How to insert adsense ads below post title?

Just follow below given steps one by one to learn how to put adsense inside blogger post  J

First of all you need to create Google Ads -

Step 1:- Go to Google Adsense and login with your approved account.

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Step 2:- Now click on “New Ad Unit” option.

Step 3:- Now fill the name as you want and choose a add size and then  click on “Save and Get Code”.
I suggest you to choose 728x930 Leaderboard because it looks decent below our blog title, you can see I have already used it on this post.

Step 4:- Then a popup will come which contains adsense code, you have to copy that code and save it on notepad.

Step 5:- Now we have our adsense code but that’s not all,

Now we have to parse this code. To parse this adsense code we have lots of free adsense ad code converter tools. I personally recommend you to use this one – Bloggertipstricks html encoder tool.

Just go to this tool and paste your adsense code in the “Enter Code” box and then just copy the parsed code from “Parsed code” Box and paste it somewhere (like notepad) because you’ll need it again.

Step 8:- Now click on “Edit HTML”.

Step 9:- Now just “left click” with your mouse in the HTML code box and then press “Ctrl+F”. A search box will open in code box then you have to search this code- <data:post.body/> (If you find this code more than once then I suggest you to try all of them one by one) .

Step 10:- Now just place this below given code above <data:post.body/>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>



Step 11:- Replace “Place your ad code here” with the parsed adsense code which you have saved on notepad (Step 5th).  (See in the above image).

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Step 12:- Now just click on “Save template”.

That’s all, 

Now you have successfully learned how to add adsense code to blogger J

If you are still having any problem regarding how to put adsense ads on blogger then please feel free to comment below, I’ll be honored to help you out.


  1. I love being able to put Adsense code in uniquely unexpected places as I believe that it causes them to increase in clickability. Putting the code right below the post title is an awesome idea which I appreciate you sharing. What has been the revenue result for you when doing this?

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